BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Swift Is a CoverGirl!

Watch out Rihanna! There's a new CoverGirl on the block.
Taylor Swift has been named the newest face of the bazilionaire beauty brand. Yes, I'll admit that Swift annoys me to high heavens, but I'm happy for her landing an awesome endorsement. What do you think about the behind-the-scenes picture above of her upcoming ads for the brand?

*photo from people.com

WOULD YOU WEAR?: Underwear as Outerwear?

It's the new rage.

Corsets, slips and lace worn as everyday clothes.

On the plus side, the trend saves YOU money. A lace top, for example, is a piece you can wear under your clothes one day and as the highlight of your outfit the next.

The counterargument is, well, you're rocking your drawers out in public.

My opinion? I'm all for the underwear as outerwear look. Like any good thing (i.e. Louboutins, chocolate, candy), the trend is better in moderation. If you wear head-to-toe lace, you look like a Burlesque dancer, a stripper or Lady Gaga.

But by pairing a corset with a blazer or a lace top with a circle skirt. you achieve the perfect balance of sultry and sophisticated.

When worn the right away, this trend gives your everyday look the most alluring hint of sexiness.

Scroll below for celebrities that get the look RIGHT and some options to nail the trend in your everyday wardrobe:

Rihanna pairs a corset with leggings and a baggy white shirt.

A blazer and boyfriend jeans tone down Eve's racy black and sheer corset.

Don't you just love Zoe Saldana? She's so chic! Here, she lets her bra peek out of her demure button-down shirt and pencil skirt.

What's sexier and more romantic than lace? Leighton Meester pairs her see-through lace turtleneck with a pair of loose-fitting pants.

Fitted pants and a blazer are the perfect accents to LaLa's baby blue corset top. Adorable!

Check out some Glamazon-approved underwear as outerwear pieces from American Apparel, ASOS and more!

Would you wear the look? Discuss.



GLAM OR SHAM?: Jennifer Lopez And Her Massive Updo

I'm all for big hair. Being a native Texan, I'm always trying to figure out the easiest shortcut to achieving major volume and height. But this is just beyond me. I wonder if maybe Jennifer Lopez was having a bad hair day and couldn't think of anything else to do but to wrap her extensions up into this mess of a chignon? [Because you DO realize this is a weave, right?!] On a more positive note, that statement necklace she's wearing is beyond exquisite.

What do you think, Glamazons? GLAM or SHAM?

*image courtesy of people.com

GLAM OR SHAM?: Kim Kardashian's New Swimwear Line

You guys saw Kim Kardashian's line for Bebe. And many of you deemed it...underwhelming.

So why Kim took that as a sign to create another line, I have no clue. But alas, she has lent her name to a new collection of swimwear in collaboration with Beach Bunny Swimwear via People.com.

The sisters each designed two looks for the swimwear brand, opting for styles that flatter the curvy girl who spends her days tanning on South Beach in Miami. But that's where the similarities end. Kim went for skimpy bikinis, Khloe got fiesty with animal print and Kourtney chose suits with more support in the bust, given her new post-baby buxom body. I'm not mad at the styles, they're all flirty, chic and fun.

And besides, the beach is the perfect time to get a little provocative...so sexy swimwear and the Kardashians are a perfect match.

What do you think of the pieces, Glamazons? Glam or a Sham?



Photos via People.com: Albert Michael/Startraks

GLAM OR SHAM?: Johnny Depp A Mess While Filming

I'm totally one of his biggest fans, but why does he always look a mess in this new film he's making?
He makes me swoon in makeup and costume [hello, Pirates of The Carribean] but when he's like this, I can't even look at him. Maybe others of you love his scruffy I-Just-Rolled-Out-Of-Bed look, but I just don't approve. But he could make me swoon later [minus Alice in Wonderland...ew.]

What do you think, Glamazons? GLAM or SHAM?

*image courtesy of people.com

Halle Berry Allegedly Splits from Gabriel Aubry aka There's No Hope for Any of Us

Just kidding!

But in the latest actress turned beauty icon news, Halle Berry and her daughter's father, Gabriel Aubry, have called it quits. Sad. I mean, they have an adorable daughter, Nahla, and were just so cute together! (Exhibit A...below)

I may be by myself on this one, but I was completely rooting for them to work it out since Halle's been through so much drama (from Wesley Snipes to David Justice, I don't even know where to begin!)----and she totally deserves a great man in her life.

But I don't feel that bad. Why, you ask? Well, she's still arguably the most beautiful woman in the world. She has a perfect body, an Oscar-winning acting talent and a successful fragrance. Yeah...plenty of things to keep her happy during her breakup. I, on the other hand, have nothing...well except my Louboutin shoes. (I always loved them more than my ex-boyfriend anyway, haha).



A Day in the Life: Cavi Women's Runway Show with Adrienne Bailon and Teyana Taylor

The worlds of entertainment, fashion and music collided for the Cavi Designs Women's Fashion Show last week at Macy's. The result? Fabulosity at its best.

Hosted by Adrienne Bailon and Teyana Taylor, the event showcased the hottest styles from Cavi's Junior's line at Macy's. The look is sophisticated, refined and chic with an urban edge.

Highlights include a stylish zippered jumpsuit and a glamazing pink motorcycle jacket that I have to get my hands on. My favorite look, however, is a belted blazer and shorts ensemble that offer a sexy take on the military look of Cavi's menswear line.

Check out the looks from the Spring line and pics from the event below:

One of the Cavi designers and a friend of The Glamazons, Danny Victor, with Teyana Taylor and Adrienne Bailon

I need this outfit in my life.

Teyana Taylor and Adrienne Baillon before the show. I LIVE for that pink motorcycle jacket. 

That military-inspired vest is so sexy - a must have!

Macy's was packed with tastemakers, celebrities and fans of the Cavi line. Great times!

Here's the fab display of the Cavi Womenswear line! Check it out at Macy's and go to www.cavinyc.com for more information on the brand.



A Day in the Life: Vitalize Entertainment's One Year Anniversary

Fashion has always had a close relationship with music so when I was invited to Vitalize Entertainment's One Year Anniversary Party by the amazing CEO, Rondel Holder (pictured left), I jumped at the chance to attend.

The same way I love writing posts about the next big designers in our "Designer Crush" column, Vitalize Entertainment focuses on finding the best up-and-coming artists.

Held at The Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn, the party was full of talent on the verge of huge success with rising stars like Nexus, 456 Movement, A.Don.Iz and Young Voice.


Young Voice

While enjoying performances by some of the artists above, we mingled, sipped Blue Coat Gin cocktail and danced to 90's songs spun by DJ Mistah Clean (this made my life! the 90's had the best dance tunes!). There were so many great artists in attendance who are positioned to take the industry by storm.

Two of my favorite acts were the fab girl group, Nexus, and the ubertalented rap group, the 456 movement. Check out their videos below. Trust me, you'll be hearing about them again very soon.



456 Movement

Here's Video from the Event! Love it!!

VITALIZE ENTERTAINMENT Launch Event "Fete Fatale" 4.24.10 from Emiliano Styles on Vimeo.

And for all your emerging music needs, make sure to check out the Vitalize Entertainment Boom Blog. That way, when these artists make it big, you can say you knew them when... (Sidenote: that's SO how I feel about Trey Songz. I met him when he was just a random singer with braids hanging out at industry parties and look at him now! It's a great feeling to witness someone's journey to the top!).



Photos by Kuntu Blankson Photography

Video by Emiliano Styles 

Mary J. Blige Creates A "Life" Fragrance

Mary J. Blige may be joining the "I'm A Celebrity And Launching My Own Fragrance" bandwagon, but she's completely bucking the trend when it comes to how she's launching it.
Named My Life [after her groundbreaking 1994 album; still one of her best, I'd say!], the fragrance will launch exclusively on HSN July 31 and will then be sold at Carol's Daughter. [No surprise there considering that Blige is a shareholder in the company, Carol's Daughter].
Turns out that Blige also had the inside scoop when it comes to fragrance creation with her family tie to Pamela Baxter, president and chief executive officer of LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics North America. Baxter is married to the uncle of Blige's husband, Kendu Isaacs.
According to wwd.com, the scent's top notes are gardenia petals, Bartlette pear and white freesia; the heart is tuberose, blooming jasmine, gold lily and apricot flower and the drydown is cashmere woods, praline, sesame and incense. Blige admitted that she had no problem taking her time in creating the fragrance and was very adamant about being involved in the total process. Here's what she had to say about her new juice:

"It's a special tribute to us as women. My fans and I are smart now. We know we're smart now, but we didn't know it then. We know we're beautiful now, we didn't know it then. We're educated now, we didn't know it then. We're soft, we're edgy - we're all those things. And I wanted this perfume to represent every female's everyday life."

Now, if that's not empowering, I don't know what is! Blige also shared with WWD that she's currently taking French and acting classes in preparation for her acting debut as Nina Simone in the biopic film slated for 2012 release. She also plans to launch her own eyewear line this fall, Melodies by Mary J. Blige.

My Life, the fragrance, will retail for $46 and I personally can't wait to get my hands on this one!

*images from wwd.com

Fashion Week NYC Gets A Makeover

Haven't you just been DYING to get more deets about the upcoming Spring 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week?! Don't worry, Coutura and I have to. [As you know, we live for Fashion Week.]
The Fall 2010 collections were the last to show at Bryant Park and now the show will move to Lincoln Center. Executives from IMG Fashion finally held a press conference yesterday morning to reveal plans on where the tents will be placed Sept. 9-16 for the Spring 2011 collections. According to these plans, there will be a new entrance located in the corner between the Metropolitan Opera House and David H. Koch Theater. Once inside, the Lincoln Center will have four main venues: The Theatre, The Stage, The Studio and The Box Presentation Space. An informal space, The Courtyard, will be a glass-encased outdoor space that may be used for informal presentations. Here's what Peter Levy, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Fashion Worldwide had to say about the new plans:

"This is a very exciting day for us. The move has allowed IMG to reinvent and improve so many aspects of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as well as develop a stronger link to the surrounding facilities and spaces available at Lincoln Center and the neighborhood. This is the first season in what we are confident will be a long 'run' at Lincoln Center."

The picture above is a rendering of the proposed venue. Hmmm...I'm still thinking the MAC at Milk Studios may be a better look, but I'm excited to see how Fashion Week NYC at the new venue will turn out. Here's hoping that it will be even more fabulous than before!

*image from wwd.com

GLAM OR SHAM?: Hayden Panettiere's Super Short Hair

Cutie pie actress Hayden Panettiere let her let down her lovely blonde locks - and then chopped them off. Last week she debuted her closely cropped 'do at an Earth Day celebration and let me just say that I personally love it! In fact, I was just watching her in a Neutrogena advertisement on television the other evening and thinking that she needed to get rid of all that hair. She has the perfect face for this new hairstyle.

What do you think Glamazons? Glam or Sham?

*photo from stylelist.com


Genie In A Bottle: New Nail Polishes from Sally Hansen

When I said before that I was going to try really hard not to spend any more money than I had to, this would include cutting out my weekly mani/pedi sessions. So hard because I'm the WORST when it comes to painting my own nails and having them look somewhat decent. With that said, I was beyond estastic to get a polish that actually works for me and my somewhat decrepit methods of applying the polish. An added bonus? It's super cheap [$6.99!] and can be found right around the corner at your local drugstore. I'm talking about none other than the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure that features all five steps of a professional manicure in one. [Yes, you read that correctly. All five steps: base coat, growth treatment, strengthener, color and top coat.] It also contains a special wide, tapered brush that gives you the perfect application every time. I even used it in the back of a moving vehicle to paint my nails and it worked just fine. In fact, when I got to the event, everyone kept asking who did my nails...if only they knew. The polishes are also chip resistant and lasted me for about two weeks. In 42 magical shades, you'll be sure to find the right hue for you. [That's my favorite shade pictured above: Commander in Chic. I'm a lover of all things black and, since it's spring, I wanted to lighten up. So, essentially grey is the new black for spring.]

Another fab new fave from Sally Hansen that I must mention to you as well would be the Color Quick Chrome Nail Color Pens. Side note: I probably should have been using this instead of the actual nail polish while riding in a car, but I didn't. However, I do have it in a bag and have used it on the train for an occasional touch up. It's a cute pen that's easy to hold and the brush makes it easy to dispense just the right amount of color. I was so happy to see that it doesn't come out all gloppy and messy and the 8 molten metal shades that it comes in aren't streaky. The formula also contains Panthenol, Vitamin A, C and E as well as a UV protector to keep your color fresh. Genius! That's my fave shade above: Silver Chrome. These cute pens are $7.95 and can also be found at your local drugstore.
Test them out and be sure to let me know what you think!


Kate Hudson WINS With This Red Lip

Reason number 2,342 as to why a ravishing red lip will never go out of style: this picture of Kate Hudson taken yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her film The Killer Inside Me. Hudson is definitely giving us a new definition of killer beauty with this glamazing bombshell look. I love everything about it: from the capetastic outerwear to the blonde, voluminous coiffed tresses. But, it's the red lip that reels me in. Maybe it's the rumored boob job that she's recently had that's given her the confidence to rock this vampy beauty look? Whatever it is, I approve and hope that she'll start to rock many more.

*photo from people.com


How To Throw A Dinner Party Like Bevy Smith

Part of being a dynamic Glamazon is knowing how to socialize with style. And one of the most fabulous ways to entertain friends is to throw a chic, classy dinner party. For advice on doing just that, look no further than Bevy Smith's guide to hosting for AOL Black Voices.

The creator of "Dinner with Bevy" a unique party-planning and hosting service, Ms. Bevy has hosted intimate affairs for the most recognizable names in entertainment from Idris Elba to Sanaa Lathan. Bevy is lauded for giving luminaries the platform to make priceless connections in an intimate setting---while rocking out to Ashanti and Michael Jackson in the background! Now, the self-proclaimed gal about town is sharing her expert hosting tips with the rest of us. 

In her article for AOL, Bevy gives useful and hilarious advice on everything from the guest list ("Only invite people you really like...Intimate settings with "frenemies" and liquor are a recipe for a reality show audition tape.") to the host's outfit ("As the host, you should look like you're attending a dinner party, not like you're working it...put on an outfit that says "I'm ready to have a good time."). 

Her advice is just perfect! I'm planning a dinner party for my birthday (coming up in May!) and plan to make use of every tip.

Click here to read the piece and if you're throwing a party, happy planning!



Photo Courtesy of Dinner with Bevy


GLAM OR SHAM?: Lady GaGa in Esquire Magazine

There's nothing else I can say except Lady GaGa is some kind of amazing. Yes, I'm being completely one-sided and have no shame in admitting that I love the crap out of her. Not only because she's Lady GaGa, but because she's a woman on a mission. There's nothing greater to me than seeing someone with a dream, believes in it whole heartedly [despite what the haters may say] and goes after it. Full steam. 100%. I mean, just check out this quote from her in Esquire:

"No one in the world knows who I am, but they are going to want to know who I am. My first time on TV...I'm going to come onstage in my underwear and show the world that here I am and I don't give a f*** what anyone thinks of me."

This was her attitude before she hit it big. Balls to the walls. And with an attitude like this, did anyone think that she wouldn't make it?! She's featured in the May 2010 issue of Esquire magazine ['The Women Issue'] in an article written by Brendan Sullivan who gives us amazing insight into pre-fame Lady GaGa along with never before seen photos of her from the very beginning. Check out the article here and the some of the photos below. Yes, they're super racy, but then again, that's just Lady GaGa.

What do you think, Glamazons? Glam or Sham?

*photos from Esquire.com


A Day In The Life: My MAC Pro Makeover

Hey Glamazons! If I could get my makeup professionally done every day, I'd be in heaven. So, when I received the e-mail inviting me to a fun night out on the town with other beauty bloggers by MAC, I quickly said yes. And how did the evening start? With a makeover at the MAC Pro store of course! In the words of my good friend Felicia Sullivan, I just knew it was going to be epic. Just check out these pictures below. Afterwards, we were treated to a screening at the Tribeca Film Festival of the movie 'Every Day' [um, Liev Schreiber is beyond hot] and then enjoyed an amazing dinner at NAM.

The artist responsible for my fabulous makeover, Romero Jennings, applying my lashes.

The finished look. Beyond fab!

Showing some love to my sista from anotha mista Heather Park.

Rockin' our finished looks! From l to r: Anne Fritz of The Jet Set Girls; Felicia Sullivan; Dina Fierro; Me; Eva Tolk


WIN IT!:Purple Lab Swag Bag

Hey Glamazons! Dying to get your hands on products from the new makeup collection from Purple Lab? Well, now you can win $300 worth. Just go to Closet Couture between tomorrow (April 26) through May 1 and start styling. The top three outfits that best represent Purple Lab beauty (as selected by an expert panel from Purple Lab) will win the grand prize. First prize will win Purple Lab beauty products valued at $300, second prize will win products valued at $100 and third prize will win products valued at $50. Good luck to those who enter!
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