Would You...Wear Shapewear that Reduces Cellulite? Introducing...Wacoal's iPant

Of all the remedies I've heard for cellulite---vaseline, specially-made beauty products, surgical procedures---there's never been a piece of clothing you can wear for smooth, blemish-free skin. Until now.

Wacoal, one of the shapewear leaders, is the first to create a garment that claims to reduce cellulite: the iPant. It incorporates Novarel Slim, which is a microfiber that contains caffeine, retinol, caramides, Vitamin E and aloe vera. As you move and friction is created between your iPant and your skin, those active ingredients are released.

28 days later, the iPant promises to reduce cellulite with lasting results. Hmm...

Bob Vitale, the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Wacoal America, had this to say: "With the introduction of the iPant and use of the newest technologies available, Wacoal furthers the brands reputation in the intimate apparel industry of offering women superior quality and the latest in intimate apparel innovations. We are excited to increase Wacoal’s shapewear offerings and bring something entirely new to the market.”

It's available today on wacoal-america.com and in stores February 10th. If this shapewear works, it's going to fly off the shelves. Are you apprehensive or would you try it?


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