H&M To Launch E-Commerce Site (Finally!)

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know: my wallet is going to hate me next winter. All the spectacular offerings from H&M I live for will be literally at my fingertips.

Yes, glamazons, H&M will finally launch an E-Commerce site in the US, making it that much easier to blow my paycheck on luxe knits and frilly summer dresses. I know what you're thinking: this is wayyy past due!

You are not alone. I feel like I've been waiting for H&M to get an E-commerce site since I lived in New Jersey (years ago!).

And...imagine the convenience if I could have rolled over in bed at 6AM and shopped online instead of fighting crazed shoppers at the Lanvin x H&M sale. 

But anyway, time to look toward the future (a year from now when the e-commerce site launches to be exact)! Surely, this will increase sales for the retail giant, who as of late has had to compete with booming UK retailer, Asos, which has my roommate---and many other girls---stalking the UPS guy for their trendy packages.

And for the wildly popular Asos Curve, H&M offers the plus-size online-only line Inclusive but sadly, that's only available to customers in European shipping zones. Baby steps.

Still, are you as excited as I am?




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