Good Vibe: RIP Vibe Magazine

The Glamazons are devastated by news that Vibe Magazine, a publication with it's imprint on the pulse of hip hop, is no longer running. As readers, subscribers and lovers of everything Vibe, we feel the void. We haven't been this upset since Suede Magazine folded. On top of the edgy fashion spreads, the political essays, the artists who got their first taste of exposure (when no one else would cover them) and the genius 20 Questions franchise, we lost the very first platform for our music, when it was considered a passing fad by the mainstream. Around the age of 7, in 1992, when I was seduced by this alluring music form, scratch that, lifestyle called hip-hop, Vibe was my handbook. Now, sixteen years later, we've lost a staple of our adolescence, our voice and our culture that will never be forgotten or replaced. RIP

Pay your respects: 20 Questions...okay, just 3. What's your fave Vibe memory? What was the best Vibe cover? (Obviously I love the iconic cover of Tupac in a straitjacket, but what beats the controversial cover with TLC in firefighter uniforms?) And lastly...why aren't people buying magazines anymore? The web? The recession? The quality of the mag? (This last question terrifies us for obvious reasons). Discuss.

RIP Vibe Magazine, the voice of our culture before it was cool to like hip-hop!


He is Legend: RIP Michael Jackson

Today we lost a brilliant performer and extraordinary man, whose contribution to entertainment is incomparable. Michael Jackson's ability to triumph over racial boundaries at a time when MTV didn't play black artists will forever impact the African-American presence in the mainstream. His spirit was infectious, his enthusiasm and eager to please us was evident in every performance. He revolutionized the recording industry, influencing everyone from Britney Spears to Usher, but his trend-setting ways transcend the realm of music. In military jackets, dark aviators, shiny black loafers, white socks, glittery gloves and top hats, Michael Jackson catapulted himself into the highest stratosphere of pop stardom, shared only perhaps by Elvis and Madonna. 

A giant in American cultural history, Michael Jackson redefined what it meant to be a superstar. I remember getting goosebumps as a young child watching his forward leans that defied gravity and his impossibly smooth Moonwalk. I remember learning every dance move to Remember The Time (when he appeared out of gold dust! too cool!) and being terrified of the haunted house scene in Thriller. Now that I'm a young adult, he represents the wonderment of my youth, a time when I was filled with joy, and excitement, and promise. In his passing, I recognize him as the best star of my generation but he was so much more. A friend who connected to my soul and captured my innermost thoughts through music. A part of my youth and spirit, present at every milestone in my life. A beautiful, complicated person who I love, despite any rumor or eccentricity, and will miss dearly. Below, a fashion tribute to the purveyor of cool, our beloved entertainer, Michael Jackson. And a nod to the generation that will follow in his legendary, loafer-clad footsteps.

The glittery glove, military jacket and aviators were all a part of his otherworldly, larger-than-life persona. His over-the-top style quickly made him into a fashion icon.

No other man could make thick white socks and loafers look as cool. The extravagant take on formal menswear became Michael's signature. Though singers like Ne-Yo mimic MJ's style, no one can pull it off with as much finesse as he did.

Before pop stars of today donned metal bodysuits, MJ's metallic, robotic moment was a foray into the future of fashion. Michael Jackson was truly ahead of his time.

Details like the one-gloved hand and studded pants add an edgy appeal to his glamorous sequined jackets. Now, the glove---sometimes, glittery, sometimes, white---is an enduring phenomenon 
copied by celebs to this day.

The same pop stars that mimic Michael Jackson's captivating dance steps and infectious hits turn to him when it's time to get dressed too. Celebs like Kanye and Rihanna take their cue from the King of Pop's fashion wardrobe, rocking the military jacket trend he made famous. 

Rihanna in Balmain (one of MJ's fave designers)

Editrix Nina Garcia in a military-inspired jacket at Bryant Park

Kanye West with girlfriend, Amber Rose, at Fashion Week.

Beyonce in a Balmain jacket in NYC

Michael Jackson left an indelible imprint on music and fashion but is just as well known for his videos. Always groundbreaking from plot development to dance sequences, his work helped to establish music videos as a respected art form, paving the way for shows like TRL and 106 & Park. Enjoy some of his greatest music videos, including the greatest of all time: Thriller! 

Rock with You

Scream featuring Janet Jackson

Beat It

Remember the Time

Smooth Criminal



Superbowl Performance 1993

Glamazons, what trend are you rocking in honor of MJ? What is your favorite Michael Jackson memory? What song or video of his do you love the most? What did he mean to you? What do you think the impact of his death will be on pop culture? What legacy do you think he'll leave behind? 




Beyonce X Thierry Mugler Experience

Why do I love this job? For moments like Monday when my editors suddenly, casually, decide to hand me free tickets to the Beyonce' concert! Because "we're busy and you've been working so hard lately so...if you want to go, you can." If I want to? You're asking if I want a free pass to see the concert of the summer? To see the Single Ladies dance I've been performing in pajamas fiercely in front of my bedroom mirror, to the dismay of tenants on the first and second floor of my apt? Of course I want to!

One make-up application and anxious cab ride later, I was sitting on the floor (!) one section from the stage sipping a beer and anticipating the show-shopping spectacle that is the B experience. And Queen B did not disappoint the throngs of divas who filled NYC's famed Madison Square Garden.

Beyonce' flipped, flew, twirled, shimmied and sashayed for what was one of the most exhilarating concerts I've seen since Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope tour. But as I'm chatting with the ex-EIC of Giant Magazine, Emil Wilbekin (love him!), I realize that the Thierry Mugler designed costumes are way more exciting than the actual show. Wait, don't stop reading. Stay with me. Here's why.

The French designer's couture creations are the stuff of legend: otherworldly, dramatic silhouettes and extravagant embellishments inspired by everything from the insect kingdom to cartoon heroines. Impossibly tiny waists, exaggerated hips, shoulder pads and overstated collars are all a part of his signature style.

But sadly the curtain closed on Thierry Mugler's theatrical designs when the house shut its couture division in 2003 (and he focused his energy toward perfumes). Though it reopened for a Winter 2008 collection, Thierry Mugler's "Sasha Warrior" designs for Beyonce' mark a return to fashion...and maybe, the comeback the fashion world has been buzzing about. Even if Mugler's couture creations don't go further than this tour, they still mark the marriage of our favorite pop goddess and a legendary, hyper-creative designer. Take a glimpse at their love child, the costumes, onstage below. Fierceness, indeed!

Beyonce's elegant white leotard and flowing hooded jacket for "Brokenhearted Girl." How she managed to stay in pumps all night, I'll never understand!

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Beyonce's dancers are transforming her leotard into a wedding gown for her gorgeous rendition of "Ave Maria." She's such an over-the-top pageant queen...and I LOVE it!

A blurry picture (sorry, we were dancing) of Thierry Mugler's masterpiece! A vampy, superwoman costume, complete with fading fishnet tights and floorlength leather!

::Gasps:: The dramatic exaggerated shoulders! I'm dying!

Her costume for "Like a Boy": The aviators and leather dominatrix get-up? Cross-dressing at it's best.

OMG! Futuristic B in a metal jumpsuit with leather cut-outs!! If there was a comic book for divas and trannies, she'd SO be the super-heroine!

Miss Bey served up the glitz and glam in a metallic corset while performing "Baby Boy"---suspended in the air! So fab.

Love it! I feel inspired to put on these costumes and strut down Broadway to the nearest ball competition. The divas needed a new leader and a Thierry Mugler-clad Beyonce is it.

Tell me Glamazons: What's your favorite costume? And for those who saw the show, what moment did you love the most?! Oh and for fun, guess what my favorite costume is! Hint for faithful Glam readers: it has EVERYTHING to do with the eye make-up for my Halloween costume =)




A Fine Affair

Makeup artist extraordinaire Sam Fine officially launched his new instructional DVD FINE: The Basics of Beauty last night at the Warren-Tricomi Salon in The Plaza Hotel. And who better to host than supermodel turned cosmetics beauty maven Iman?!
Sam is responsible for creating some of the most iconic makeup looks for not only Iman, but also Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah and Vanessa Williams.
"Having dedicated my career to enhancing the beauty in women of color, I felt that an instructional DVD was a natural step toward my goal of education women everywhere, in much the same way that I've enlightened my clients," Fine said. "Translating trends and finding products that deliver have helped me become more sensitive to "real" women who don't have the time, patience or know-how to experiment with makeup. This DVD will equip them with simple, useful techniques that will make applying makeup a joy rather than a chore."
This one hour DVD features three individual step-by-step makeovers that address everything from how to create a smokey eye to successfully covering blemishes and discoloration. However, the best part is the behind-the-scenes footage of Fine on set creating stellar looks for his clientele! It retails for $24.99 and will be available for purchase at samfine.com and Amazon.com.
Some of the hottest makeup artists and hair stylists in town showed up for the soiree last night including Tippi Shorter (one of her top clients includes Alicia Keys!) and Ursula Stephen (the hairstylist behind Rihanna's fly do). Actresses Vanessa Williams and Taraji P. Henson were spotted in the crowd enjoying their NUVO cocktails!
That's me pictured above along with singer Deborah Cox, Sam Fine & ESSENCE magazine's beauty & cover director Mikki Taylor.
Ah, the life.

And, of course, Iman was absolutely stunning!

RuPaul & Wendy Williams...is it me, or do they kind of look alike?!

Iman, Sam Fine, Deborah Cox and Vanessa Williams
*Photo taken by Andrew Bicknell

The founders of the Warren Tricomi Salon...they're like hair gods! (from l to r: Joel Warren, me & Edward Tricomi)

Actress Taraji P. Henson sipping on her NUVO cocktail.
*Photo taken by Andrew Bicknell


Glamazon Exclusive! Fragrance Fever

Mariah Carey, J. Lo & Usher! Oh my!
All of the above have teamed up with fragrance powerhouses to create and package their own juices (ok, not literally, but you get my point). Check out the breakdown below.

Forever by Mariah Carey
"I am in a wonderful place right now, sorrounded by all the things I love and Forever captures this moment in time. When I put on this fragrance, I am transformed into feeling glamorous and sophisticated," said Mariah Carey. "I love wearing this fragrance so much and I can't wait to share it with my fans."
What it is: An opulent floral with notes of Tuberose and Gardenia
What we say: Love it! Definitely gets the Glamazon Seal of Approval. Also, be on the lookout for her upcoming album "Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel" coming soon!
The products:
Eau de Parfum Spray, 1.0 fl oz, $42
Eau de Parfum Spray, 1.7 fl oz, $55
Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.3 fl oz, $65
Parfum, 0.5 fl oz, $250
Luminous Body Lotion, $28
*Available for purchase at select department stores September 2009

Usher VIP by Usher
"I consider fragrance to be one of the most important tools of engagement for seduction. With Usher VIP I created a gentleman's scent, which would also appeal to women," said Usher. "Women tell me they love the scent of a man, and I wanted to create that sense of confidence and style that women desire. VIP is a state of mind which about what you do with that confidence and how you make an impact in the lives of those around you."
What it is: A sensual, aromatic scent. Woody warmed by spices of nutmeg and exotic saffron. Constructed around a rich suede note, fresh clean bergamot, tangerine and kumquat.
What we say: Not a fan. Maybe this scent is the REAL reason he's getting a divorce? (lol ok, j/k..it's not that horrible, but definitely nothing to write home about) He's also set to launch a new album this fall as well.
The products:
EDT Spray, 3.4 oz, $65
EDT Spray, 1.7 fl. oz, $50
Shower Gel, $25
After Shave Soother, $40
Deodorant, $16
*Available for purchase at department stores nationwide at the end of September 2009

My Glow by Jennifer Lopez
"Every baby is an angel." - Jennifer Lopez
What it is: A feminine, skin floral fragrance. Top notes of lavender flower, water lily, freesia; mid notes of white rose, wet leaves, peony, casablanca lily; base of skin musk, milky sandalwood, precious woods and heliotrope
The fragrance was inspired by the love and intimacy between mother and baby.
What we say: Smells a lot like Love's Baby Soft fragrance. Nice and soft. Ah.
The products:
EDT Spray, 50 mL, $49.50
EDT Spray, 100 mL, $59.50
Tender Body Lotion, $29.50
*Available for purchase at department stores nationwide October 2009


NEW Heidi Klum For VS Makeup Collection

You all know by now my obsession with Victoria's Secret models (in a completely non-lesbian way, of course).
So I was secretly dying when I attended the VS Beauty holiday launch event on Monday afternoon and there, in the flesh, was VS model Heidi Klum! Not only is she the cutest pregnant lady ever, but she was super nice. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any pics at the event of Heidi (boo!) but it was enough for me to be able to sit at the same table as her and bask in her beautiful pregnant-lady glow. Sigh. She even asked us if we were attending the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards that night (um, negative! The pic above is of her on the red carpet at the awards).
But back to the big beauty news: VS Makeup will be launching new products for The Heidi Collection 2009!
Entitled Exotic Jewels, the collection was inspired by a recent trip she took to Varanasi, India and the Indian-themed vow renewal ceremony with her hubby Seal in Mexico last year.

The collection includes:
-Lip Gloss in Passion Fruit ($14)
-Perfect Lipstick in Exotic Spice (a glimmering nude, $16)
-Glitter Liquid Liner in Majesty ($12)
-Luminous Face Powder Gems in Moonstones (an illuminating powder in pinks, nudes and champagnes, $22)
-Eye Shadow Palette called Hidden Palace (champagne, nude, berry, violet and black shades, $24)
-Extra-lengthening Mascara in Amethyst (purple, $13)
*All products will be available for purchase October 2009 at Victoria's Secret stores and VictoriasSecret.com


Heidi posed wearing colors from the Exotic Jewels collection.

The flowers at each of the tables were gorgeous!

Two of my good beauty editor friends Heather Muir (left) from Seventeen & April Franzino from Good Housekeeping.

Glamazon Exclusive! Jimmy Choo for H+M

Just when you thought Target was the leader in designer collaborations, H&M lands the deal of all deals: a collaboration with the God of Accessories brands, Jimmy Choo. This fall, budget-conscious fashionistas can shop like the stars, snagging red-carpet worthy Jimmy Choo styles at 250 H&M stores. 

The coveted, glamorous accessories brand is teaming up with H&M to create women's accessories AND clothing, as well as men's accessories, shoes and bags. Tamara Mellon, Jimmy Choo's founder and president had this to say:

“We are privileged to be among the fashion greats who have been affiliated with H&M, to be designing a collection that will appeal to fashion-savvy, street-smart women and to be including some great pieces for men, too,” says Tamara Mellon, Founder and President, Jimmy Choo.  “Jimmy Choo will bring a sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible, glamorous collection to H&M – the perfect party pieces to buy now and then wear out that night!”

I'll be wearing my party pieces by Jimmy Choo for H&M that night, and every day and night after, lol. See you at H&M on November 14th when the collection hits stores!




GET THIS: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronze Collection

Hi Pretties!
Yes, I am a bronzing whore. I can never get enough of the stuff. My theory is that I'm subconsciously trying to make myself darker since I am part of the clan of African Americans on the pale side. (I even get spray tans sometimes...sigh...) But all that is beside the point. The point is this: the Illuminating Bronze Collection from Bobbi Brown just in time for summer!
All products are available starting this month (June 2009) at Bobbi Brown counters and at www.bobbibrown.com.
Quick! Hurry! Run and get yours now!

Product Name: Bobbi Brown All Over Bronzing Gel SPF 15
New Shade: Golden Sun
Description: A gel-based formula that gives the face a healthy, natural-looking glow
Price: $28

Product Name: Limited Edition Summer Brick For Body
Description: A lightweight, silky powder that can be used on legs, arms...anywhere you want to glow!
Price: $75

Product Name: Limited Edition All Over Body Brush
Description: Features ultra soft bristles and is the perfect companion for your Summer Brick For Body.
Price: $85

Product Name: Illuminating Bronzing Powder
Shades: Antigua; Maui; Aruba; Bali Brown; Barbados Tan; Bahamas
Description: Smooth pressed powder with a unique innovative blend of sheer powder and micro pearls. Glides on evenly to give skin a sheer, natural-looking glow.
Price: $33
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