Do you dress for yourself, men or other women?

Hey Glamazons!

So it was during a conversation with my best friend who proclaimed that I wear dresses to impress a guy I was dating (it's no secret that I wear dresses everyday) that I realized women dress for different reasons and often, based on outside circumstances.

Though I countered with the defense that I just love dresses (which is true...and yes, I was that annoying little girl that loves pink and would never be caught dead outside rolling around in the dirt, beside worms, with my little brother), I have admittedly picked out outfits based on my surroundings, which means my fashion choices aren't solely based on...well, me.

And I'm sure I'm not alone.

If you've ever gotten dressed for a date, with or without the help of your girlfriends, then you've experienced the painstaking process to appear sexy but not provocative, smart but not nerdy, demure but not stuffy, all by virtue of your outfit.

And doesn't that make sense? Because if people judge by appearance, and fashion represents image, then choosing an outfit is essentially deciding the image you want to project to the people that see it.

Isn't that the same logic behind the professional tip that dressing for the job you want, rather than the job you have, forces people to take you more seriously?

Take a few weeks ago, for instance. I wore my beloved McQ for Target asymmetric black and gray frock to an all-women, fabulous holiday party, Cocktails with Belle (yes, Belle from the amazing blog, A Belle in Brooklyn, which you must read if you don't already! You'll thank me).

I picked it out primarily because it's a chic, well-designed, gorgeous dress. As I was attending a networking event, where appearance is everything, I also thought of the image I wanted to portray.

I considered that it was trendy, which communicates that I'm into Fashion, and it's a beautiful garment which appeals to women (men, most straight men anyway, don't appreciate a gorgeous dress in the same way a woman would). Perfect.

What I didn't anticipate (or realize until I was already at work) was that my chest had grown since I first purchased the dress and was now making an appearance in the neckline that was...a bit problematic.

Though I was wearing my Jimmy Choo for H&M choker necklace (yes, everything I wear is from a designer collaboration, lol), it did little to help the situation. In fact, one of the women remarked quizzically, "You didn't wear that to work today, did you?"

Gasp. I know cleavage, at a networking event, isn't ideal but I didn't think it was so bad that it warranted a comment. I mean, women are allowed to show some cleavage at work, occasionally, when they're in the Fashion industry, right?

And by that point, I had tried to hide it with extra fabric from the asymmetric neckline. (See the dress below, which I must say for the record, is fabulous in most any other setting.)

Later, I realized she may have a point when I saw everyone clamoring for the attention of a high-powered media exec in a suit. There were other women who were wearing trendy pieces, even one in a lace shirt, shorts and tights, but the exec was the one that everyone took seriously---some without even knowing what her title was because she looked important.

I could have worn a suit or super-conservative outfit, but truthfully, that's just not me (and not required for my job...obviously lol). Still, I worried that my dress was the wrong item to wear solely because of the way people viewed me as a result.

In the same way, if you're going on a date and want a potential partner to view you in a certain light, your clothing choice could help you in (or hinder you from) achieving that.

And when you're headed to a party or brunch with your girlfriends, your clothes represent how you want to be viewed by that particular group. Just think would you really wear a fitted, sometimes uncomfortable spandex dress if you knew no men would be at the club on Saturday night?

Even if you don't dress with other people in mind, you're still judged based on your clothing choices.

That said, why when we admit to dressing for other women or gasp, men, does it always incite criticism? And on the other side of the fence, if we admittedly dress for other people, how does our clothing truly represent us?

What do you think, Glamazons? Do you dress primarily for yourself, men or other women? Do you think dressing for other people is appropriate in some settings, but not others? If image wasn't important, and it didn't matter what other people thought about your clothing, what would you wear?



Photos: (Jamie Lynn-Sigler) InStyle. (Me) Photographer Mackenten Pention.


NEW!! Vivienne Westwood Teams up with Lee Jeans

Hey Glamazons!

Not many designers can take Lee Jeans, the conservative, classic brand of denim, and transform it with metallic, bondage-style and lace flourishes. But Vivienne Westwood, who is collaborating with Lee for the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Lee collection, is not your average designer.

Since 1970, Westwood has been a legend among the punk-rock set for her unique interpretation of youth and urban culture. (You also may recognize her designs from the Sex and the City movie; she was the genius behind Carrie's gorgeous wedding gown). Now the street crowd that inspired the designer can buy her work with Westwood's new affordable collection with Lee, which ranges from $128 to $320 (8o pounds to 200 pounds).

The collaborative collection will feature four styles of jeans for men and five for women, including microshorts and skinny jeans, as well as bondage, metallic and lace denim, via WWD.com. The line will be available at Vivienne Westwood boutiques in the coming year.

Super exciting!! I have to get my hands on those microshorts for Spring. And did I mention the lace jeans will feature an all-over print inspired by one of her gowns? Amazing! Glamazons, what do you think of the collaboration? Will you shop the collection when it launches next year?




New Year's Eve Dress Shopping on a Budget

Hey Glamazons!

As much as I love the glitz and glamour of a New Year's Eve look, there's no way I can afford to spend a small fortune on a dress I'll most likely wear for one night only. At the same time, it's every woman's right to ring in the new year looking and feeling fabulous.

Fortunately for us, retailers from RACHEL Rachel Roy to Edressme.com, are offering red-carpet worthy holiday frocks with down-to-earth price tags. I've scoured the web for the best holiday dresses under $50, $75 and $100 and found plenty of gems that are sure to make you the belle of the ball.

Check them out below and email me at theglamazonsblog@gmail.com with any last-minute questions about your New Year's Eve outfit.

Under $50

Under $75

$100 +

Oh and this year, I'm wearing my black dress with studded shoulders from Forever 21 and glamorizing the look with dramatic accessories. Best way to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank!

An extravagant necklace or a pair of jeweled pumps are perfect for making a festive dress extra-special. Here are some fab shoes that add instant glam appeal to any look:

Happy New Year's!



Introducing...Cynthia Rowley for Roxy

Hey Glamazons,

Just in time for Spring...and the much-needed trip I'm planning to Miami, Cynthia Rowley is launching a beach-ready collection for Roxy.

And the purveyor of Hampton chic, Cynthia Rowley, and Hang-Ten staple, Roxy, couldn't be a better fit! Cynthia Rowley had this to say about the new collaboration: "The most important thing as a designer is to tell a story, and everything we do contributes to the story. This is an authentic and genuine expression of that, as surfing is something I love to do."

Perfect for ladies who love to go surfing in style, the collection features swimwear, sandals, denim, wetsuits and even pencil skirts that are as affordable as they are chic (the long-sleeved bodysuit will only run you $89!).

The collaboration will run over the next three years and launches in March 2010 at Barney's New York and Collette in Paris. Items will be available for pre-order in January at the Cynthia Rowley online shop. Check out the pieces below:

I especially love Cynthia Rowley's use of colorblocking and cut-outs; it's just so modern and vibrant, yet wearable at the same time. True to form, Rowley captures the easy, breezy nature of beach culture with an air of sophistication and refinement, rendering the most expensive-looking pieces Roxy has probably ever sold.

I can't wait to see the collection in person at the press event next week but in the meantime, what do you think of the pieces? Will you shop the new collection?



Would you wear...Lady Gaga-inspired fashions?

I'm serious.

If you've ever wanted to dress in a deranged, theatrical, avante-garde, alien-inspired look like Lady Gaga, you might want to see a therapist. I kid! Now, you have your chance.

The pop star has collaborated with Not Just a Label, to sell the looks she's worn in videos, concerts and press appearances! Yes, everything from her famously odd costumes to her couture-chic eyewear is up for sale.

Go to Not Just a Label to buy the looks (below), which range from the silver Paparazzi Eye Patch to her Bad Romance lace half-hat. And if you don't have the courage to wear her cape on a dinner date, atleast it will make for a show-stopping Halloween costume.

Just kidding! I love what Lady Gaga has done for fashion. I applaud her for having the courage to experiment with style and to flaunt a gloriously unique point of view in her fashion choices. At the same time, though it's entertaining to look at, I would never pay a whopping $975 for a pair of box trousers (that's what the store is calling those gravity-defying, hippy creations below). And even if they were $50, I wouldn't wear them anywhere except, let's say, a Lady Gaga concert.

And for kicks, here are some of her most head-scratching ensembles this year (including what she wore to meet the Queen!). It's like watching a train crash: you know it's disastrous, but you just can't look away!

Turns out a whole cast of designers will create Lady Gaga-inspired looks on the January 6th episode of Bravo's Launch My Line just in case you are in need of some more avante garde fashions.




Rachel Roy and Estelle are Headed to Africa

Hey Glamazons!

Accomplished designer, Rachel Roy is arguably having the best year ever. She debuted her eponymous line for Macy's, RACHEL Rachel Roy, to critical acclaim and commercial success. She collaborated with fashionable singer, Estelle, on a jewelry collection, which makes its highly-anticipated debut in 2010. And most recently, she nailed the photo opp every designer hopes for when Michelle Obama wore her pencil skirt while announcing the First State Dinner. Pretty amazing, right?

Her latest venture is even more commendable. Marrying her two loves, fashion and charity, Rachel Roy announced via Facebook that she will travel to Africa with Estelle and her daughter, Ava, to provide impoverished women with the opportunity of a lifetime. She will include handmade clutches and bracelets from Rwandan and Tanzanian natives, many victims of genocide and abuse, in her newest RACHEL Rachel Roy collection. Roy believes that the opportunity to participate in an international market will give these women the resources they need to stop the cycle of abuse and poverty, and to provide for themselves and their families.

As Roy announced via Facebook, her mission is a collaboration with Fairwinds Trading, an organization which gives victims of poverty, abuse and genocide the opportunity to participate in international commerce: "Through Fairwinds Trading these women are able to earn an income by creating exquisite handmade goods which are sold in the U.S. I am grateful to play a role in helping to change their lives by providing jobs & offering their handcrafted pieces through RRR,” Roy said.

Check out a few of the handmade pieces below. Rachel Roy (@rachel_roy), Estelle (@estelledarlings) and Roy's daughter Ava will document next month's trip to Africa on Twitter.

I find the beautiful designs and noble cause really inspiring, and can't wait to live vicariously through their pictures and anecdotes. What do you think of the pieces?




Attention: End of the Year Sale Time!!

...cause girls just want to have funds!

Christmas is over and we all know what that means: Stores are practically giving away inventory to get ready for the new year (and rid of the holiday leftovers)!!! In honor of our favorite lingerie brand, Victoria's Secret's Semi-Annual Sale, here are the best sales from around the web.

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale - Up to 50% off. Free shipping for purchases over $100. Code Free100 at checkout.

Macys.com - Up to 60% off. Free shipping until December 27th with Promo Code Merry

Bloomingdales.com - 30-50% off select merchandise

Nordstrom.com - Up to 40% off

Saks.com - Up to 75% off until December 27th

Barneys.com - Up to 60% off

Urban Outfitters - Take an extra 50% off sale from December 26-27th

Kissable Couture - 50% off kissablecouture.com only. Use @kissablecouture at Checkout.

Gap.com - Extra 20% off all sale purchases now through Sunday, December 27th. Use Gapextra20 at checkout.

Banana Republic - Save up to 40% off. Take an extra 15% off at checkout with code BRextra15. Ends December 27th.

Alloy.com - End of season clearance. Save up to 80%

Shopbop.com - Up to 70% off

Bluefly.com - Up to 70% off

Express (Expressfashion.com) - Up to 50% off, Free shipping on orders over $75

Bebe.com - Sale starting at $20

Delias.com - Up to 80% off

TheLimited.com - Up to 70% off

Jcrew.com - Extra 20% off through January 3rd. Use code Extra20 at checkout.

Dsw.com - Up to 70% off.

Bakersshoes.com - Buy one, get one 50% off. Today only.

Paylessshoesource.com - Up to 50% off

Aldoshoes.com - Extra 30% off. Now through Monday.

Ninewest.com - Up to 50% off.

Target.com - Up to 75% off

Kohls.com - Extra 15% off with code yourgift15 until December 28th

Other sales:


Happy Shopping!




Announcing...the LOFT Giveaway Contest Winner

First, thank you to everyone who voted for the Glamazons in the LOFT Blog Wars. We didn't win, but are super appreciative of all your love and support!

Now, for The Glamazons and LOFT Giveaway Contest, the winner of a $100 Gift Card to the LOFT is...drumroll, please...

M.J. from Pea Ridge, Arizona! Congratulations, M.J.!!

Check out her tips below:

The biggest thing I do is start early, like in October! Still, I find I need to rush around at the last minute, shopping for the last few friends and family members. We're a 1-car family, so I work around my husband's schedule, and try to get a lot of shopping done in short bursts. I'll try to hit maybe one or two places when I get the car, and to do as much as possible at as few places as possible. Also, on a routine Walmart trip, I'll remember to pick up a few gifts/wrapping supplies along with my regular, everyday purchases. I like to hit the stores when the crowds are at a minimum.

Thank you everyone for participating and stay tuned for more Glamazon giveaways!



Ask the Glamazons: Shapewear Guide

Hey Glamazons!

We're starting a new column called "Ask the Glamazons," where we address your queries about anything fashion, beauty and even relationship-related.

Whether you're searching for the perfect outfit to wear to an interview or the right shade of red lipstick for your complexion, we've got you covered.

Just email theglamazonsblog@gmail.com (or tweet us at @glamazonsblog), and we'll give you the best advice to solve your fashion, beauty and relationship dilemmas.

Here's the first reader question via Twitter:

@glamazonsblog my dears, a guide for choosing shapewear? I'm kinda of done waiting until I lose xlbs to rock the dresses I really want :)

For ladies (like @NiemaJ and myself) that want to rock New Year's Eve dresses but haven't quite shed all the extra Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner weight we want to lose, here's a way to eat your cake and look good in your fitted outfit too.

Hey, if it works for Beyonce and Eva Longoria, it will certainly work for us.

And remember --- shapewear isn't just for tightening the tummy and thighs. Get extra lift and shape in the rear, create cleavage and even make your arms look more muscular with these fab shapewear finds below.

Check out key tips you want to remember when looking for shapewear plus the best products in the biz:

If you want to tighten your tummy...

To whittle your middle, look for shapewear that specializes in tummy control. The best tummy control shapewear I've ever tried (and I've tried them all) is from a familiar brand: Spanx.

First, the Spanx Slim Cognito mid-thigh bodysuit and Hide & Sleek slipsuit has double-layer compression that gives you twice the tummy control but still fits comfortably. But that's not what I love most about it.

Too often I see women in tummy control shapewear, with their gut hanging right over the top. Spanx has the most amazing bodysuit that attaches to your bra and gives your entire midsection a smooth finish. Lumps and bumps, be gone!

It's an absolute must-have to go under those Spandex, Herve-Leger dresses. It will make you look like you live in the gym!

Get it in three different styles (slipsuit, bodysuit and thong) to coordinate with every outfit, from jumpsuits to pants to dresses to pencil skirts!

Spanx Slim Cognito Seamless Mid-Thigh Bodysuit, $72-76, spanx.com.
Spanx Hide & Sleek slipsuit, $84-88, spanx.com.
Spanx Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise panty with thong back, $42-46, spanx.com.

If you want a more narrow waist...

You need a wearable waist cincher that's as effective as it is comfortable. Flexees offers the most amazing waist nipping shapewear which sits under your bra and acts like the corset from heaven.

It's not uncomfortable or restricting. It's made of nylon and has no eye hooks or closures (if you've ever stuffed yourself in a corset that stops blood circulation or oxygen flow, you'll appreciate this).

What it does have is a unique waist-shaping construction that slims your waist while emphasizing the curves of your bust and hips, creating the most beautiful, hourglass figure. (Oh and bye-bye Muffin top!)

Don't worry about that God-awful budge poking out from the bottom (have you seen that? gross!) as the cincher offers both waist-cinching and tummy control coverage. It's also available without the briefs for the dresses that call for thongs. Check out both styles below.

Flexees One Fabulous Body Waist Nipper, $24, maidenform.com.
Flexees Take Inches Off Long Torso Waistshaper, $26, maidenform.com.

If you want to lift and separate your girls...

Look for a bra that minimizes, gathers and shapes your bustline while providing comfort and support to your shoulders and back.

The Bali Concealers Minimizer bra is a wardrobe essential for busty beauties. The Minimizer bra boasts three extraordinary functions in one. Besides minimizing your bustline and making you appear slimmer up top, it re-shapes your girls, creating a sexy, perky and firm bustline.

What's more? It's supportive straps don't dig into your shoulders or back, making it super-comfortable.

Bali Concealers Minimizer bra, $34, balicompany.com.

If you want slender, muscular-looking thighs...

Look no further than the Sassybax Long Leg Panty Bottoms Up! Mid-Thigh Shaper. It boasts this inventive micro-ribbing technology that smooths and shapes the thighs.

What's really amazing is that makes your thighs appear stronger and firmer, but the bare knit band doesn't dig in or leave red marks on the leg or tummy like other shapewear. (TIP: If the elastic band on your shapewear digs into your skin OR rolls down, it may be a sign you need to go up a size).

An added bonus? It has eight distinct support systems that lift the derriere and a medium compression to trim the tummy.

Sassybax Long Leg Panty Bottoms Up! Mid-Thigh Shaper, $55, sassybax.com.

If you want a rounder, higher butt...

With buxom beauties like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose getting lots of attention and press, the shapewear market for voluptuous derrieres has exploded in the last year. Designers offer tons of great options to boost your bottom to varying degrees.

A subtle way to enhance what you've got is to try the Sassybax Long Leg Panty (above), which, as I said, has eight different support technologies to lift and separate the derriere.

Daring divas in search of a full-on va-va-voom look can also try Frederick's of Hollywood's Four-Pad Panty. It boasts strategically-placed pads that create a curvier silhouette while lifting the booty you were born with.

If the padding is too much for your taste, you can remove them and still benefit from the panels that lift and shape your natural rear.

You can also rock Frederick's of Hollywood's miraculous Pick Me Up Derriere Bands that can be worn with your everyday panties and work wonders for boyish frames.

They push each cheek up and out to create an ample behind. The bands also trim and tighten the thighs.

Frederick's of Hollywood Pick Me Up Derriere bands, $10, fredericks.com.
Frederick's of Hollywood Four-Pad Panty, $42, fredericks.com.

If you want tighter, stronger-looking arms...

Yes, you read right. There is shapewear specifically designed for your triceps and bi-ceps. Tres Sleek's long-sleeve arm shaper is a lightweight shrug that takes arms from flab to fab.

It has a relaxed compression formula that magically reduces sagging skin by 1-3.5 inches to instantly create muscular-looking arms.

Tres Sleek long-sleeve arm shaper, $20.99, barenecessities.com.

If you're a man...

Gasp. Mirdle? Mantie-shapers? Yes, world, shapewear exists for men who want to look slimmer and firmer under their clothes.

Get rid of love handles and beer bellies with GearCom's compression support boxers and garments. The seamless technology and second-skin material ensures a comfortable fit, while the microfiber fabric fights odor and allows your skin to breathe.

These GearCom boxers don't just give the appearance of a toned midsection, they help you create one. The Micromassage Compression Support formula claims to boost circulation which flushes out the liquids and toxins that cause puffiness, thereby creating firmer abs.

Hmmm...who's going to check these out and report back on the results? Would love to see if it really takes inches off your tummy. Email me and let me know!

GearCom Micromassage Sport Body Shaper Support Boxer, $39.50, gearcom.com.
GearCom Micromassage Sport Waist Cincher Support Boxer, $46.50, gearcom.com.



FIRST LOOK! Sex and the City 2 Movie Trailer


Cheers to the return of our favorite girls!

The Sex and the City trailer hit the internet today and so far, I am thrilled with the fashions I see---Dior, turbans, gold-mirrored shades, a tux and Carrie's 80's crimped hair---and did I mention the trailer plays Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' chart-topping New York City anthem, "Empire State of Mind," in the background? It doesn't get much more fabulous than that.

Oh wait, it does. Riding a camel in runway-worthy fashions takes fabulous to a new level (I rode a camel this summer in wedge heels as the Moroccan natives laughed in the background - glad to see the SATC girls know the importance of a "desert chic" outfit no matter the occasion! Haha).

No real plot revelations yet except that the girls travel to the Middle East, Carrie's still head over heels for BIG, Miranda and Charlotte are both busy making a home for their families and Samantha encounters a new, disarmingly handsome plaything. Also, looks like a gay couple gets married!! Stamford, is that you?

I can't wait to see what twists and turns await us in the new film, which rumors to touch on financial troubles (which I'm happy about because it makes the girls' lives more realistic and less frivolous) and of course, drama in their love lives (BIG better not act up this time around!).

So ladies, slide into your Carrie-inspired Manolos and check out the trailer below. The film will be released on May 28th.

What do you think?




FIRST LOOK: Beyonce's Heat

Hey Glamazons! So, we’re sure that you’ve heard all about Beyonce’s newest fragrance Heat by now. If you haven’t, then you clearly don’t read Women’s Wear Daily because it was splashed all over the front page of Friday’s paper. (Cardinal Rule #1: If you want to work in ‘the industry’, you must read WWD everyday. Period, the end.)

We already knew that she was coming out with a fragrance (hence the lawsuit woes she was having when coming up with a name…you read that post, right?!). Also, I remember hearing a bunch of PR execs talking about the fragrance backstage during the Spring 2010 shows a couple of months ago (they shall remain anonymous haha).

And here it is.

I have it in my hands now and must admit that I’m very surprised that it’s taken her this long to do it considering that she’s already been the face for the Giorgio Armani’s Diamonds and Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star fragrance ads.

However, we all know that it’s just a matter of time before she really goes in on the beauty arena….kind of like Kimora did after she came out with her first fragrance. Side note: do you guys remember the KLS Cosmetics line that she had? What ever happened to it? I still have some of the lipgloss…it smells like Playdo hahaha)

Ok, so back to the matter at hand: Beyonce’s new fragrance, Heat. Which I'm wearing right now…and let me tell you, it doesn’t make me feel hot. (And by hot, I mean sexy). Judging from the ads (see pic), my first thought is that I should feel sexy when I’m wearing it. Like, it should bring all the boys to my yard. Ah, well, it hasn’t yet...well not any straight ones anyways..sigh. It smells a lot older than what I would have expected from her. (And, by older I mean something like a woman who was in her late 40’s would wear…not that it’s a bad thing, but Beyonce isn’t even 30 yet! So I expected a different smell is all.)

In fact, if Beyonce’s name weren’t attached to it, I don’t even think this is something that I’d even pick up in the fragrance aisles. It’s not horrible, but just not my taste..to each his own, right? Let us know what you think when you scoop it!

Here’s what Beyonce had to say about her fragrance creation:

“My fragrance is a unique expression of a women’s powerful sensuality. The scent thrills and enthralls, drawing you in. At the same time, it is elegant and feminine with an air of mystery. I created this fragrance for self-assured women everywhere, for women who are not afraid to desire and be desired.”

Top notes: red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli, blush peach

Heart notes: honeysuckle nectar, almond macaroon, crème de musk

Base notes: giant sequoia milkwood, tonka bean, amber

Eau de parfum: $39 for 1 oz.; $49 for 1.7 oz; $59 for 3.4 oz

Gold Sparkling Body Lotion: $24

Available at Macy's February 2010

Available in Europe, Middle East, Far East and Australia by August 2010

Check out the fragrance ad below:



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