New Single From the Love of My Life: Sade

Hey Glamazons! In celebration of one of my most favorite singers of all time (Sade) I wanted to share the single from her new album, Soldier of Love. I know you've probably heard it by now, but just in case you've been living under a rock and haven't, click here to hear it.
Also, wanted to share with you that I have had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady. It was when I was still in retail hell (ie working at the Express on 18th and 5th). She came into the store dressed down with her family, but still looked beautiful. I sold her some pants and declared my undying love for her. She hugged and kissed me, told me I was beautiful and thanked me for supporting her music for so long. I had no camera and only a piece of receipt paper with me and a pen in which to get her autograph. She told me that she wanted to do better than that and asked instead for my mailing address. A couple of months later, I received this gorgeous autographed picture of her and I was on cloud nine for weeks!
I've finally found the perfect frame for it and plan on hanging it up soon...well, as soon as I find my new apartment that is. Finding a place to live in NY is such a pain in the ass...ugh.
But, I digress. Hope that you guys loved the new single just as much as I do!

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