GLAM OR SHAM?: Heidi Klum's Finger Waves

The beauty blogosphere is all abuzz right now on the topic of Heidi Klum's finger waves in the front/bun in the back hair 'do she rocked Monday night at the amfAR Milano dinner during Milano Fashion Week. Being that I myself am one of the most glamazing beauty editor-turned-bloggers that ever lived (yeah, sometimes it's ok to toot your own horn, Glamazons, because if you don't who will?!) I feel that it's important to bring it up on this blog as well.
Not because it's Heidi Klum (alright, part of the reason is because it's Heidi Klum and I have a total girl crush on her) but more so because I think finger waves are uber glam and love the look! So, I myself vote this look GLAM. I mean, why would you think it's a SHAM?! Not many women can pull off finger waves and Heidi is definitely one who can. Let's take a closer look, shall we? Here's how it looks from the front:

And here's the back:

Upon closer inspection, you can see that it looks as if she's intertwined her hair with some sparkly silver tinsel. I'm wondering if she attended the Prada show while there in Milan? Because you know this same finger waved hair 'do was also created on the models by Redken Creative Consultant Guido (except he created two knots at the back of the head instead of the one that Heidi is rocking). Here's what it looked like:

Believe it or not, there are only two products that you really need to create this look: a rat tail comb (to create the waves) and some super strong holding gel (like the Redken Hardwear 16 Super-Strong Sculpting Gel).
So, what do you think, Glamazons? Is this look GLAM or a SHAM? As a result of seeing this, will you soon be rocking finger waves, too?!

*Photos: Getty; Redken


Ameriie Chats with The Glamazons About Her New (Blonde!) Hair, New Album and New Sound

Don't you just love when celebrities and big-time beauty brands get together to give back to the community? Such was the case at the SoftSheen Carson Roots of Nature "Picture of Strength" event which took place last Saturday in Chicago. Hairstylist to the stars (and First Lady Michelle Obama) Johnny Wright, host Niecey Nash and the evening's performer, newly-blonde songstress, Ameriie, got together at the Chicago Illuminating Company for the event, which benefited Chicago Youth Centers.

At the event, attendees received a free family portrait, complimentary hair styling by SoftSheen Carson Celebrity stylists, complimentary makeovers by professional Maybelline New York makeup artists and free product giveaways. Amazing, right? What's even better is that for every attendee, SoftSheen Carson made a donation to Chicago Youth Centers.

Before the event, Ameriie (@itsmeameriie) caught up with yours truly to talk about the SoftSheen Carson event, her new album and that blonde hair! (Above is a picture of Ameriie and I when we first met at my old magazine job when her hair was black - sidenote: don't you love our shoe game?).

Coutura: What made you change your look and go blonde?

Ameriie: I wanted to do it for a long time but at that time, I was dying my hair jet black and was hesitant because platinum blonde is the complete opposite. But I finally went for it, and we dyed it as blonde as we could while keeping my hair healthy. I actually wanted it to be whiter, not too yellow.

Coutura: How have people reacted to the color?

Ameriie: People say to me: do you feel weird? How does it feel? And I say, I feel like me. You can always change your style up. Hair is an accessory. It doesn't have to be the same forever.

Coutura: Did you cut it too? That's always a monumental experience for us women (laughs). What was that like?

Ameriie: I never actually cut my hair. I'll tell you a secret. While people wear weaves to make their hair longer, I actually put in a partial weave to make my hair shorter (laughs).

Coutura:  (Laughs) That's cool, so you're still protecting your hair underneath.

Ameriie: Yeah my hair is really, really long underneath. I'll probably go back to long after this.

Coutura: How do you respond to criticism about your new hair color?

Ameriie: That's to be expected. There are people that tell me "Oh my goodness, I love it so much!" Others say "Oh no, I don't like it all." Anytime you make a major change, that's going to happen. When I first went jet black, for me, it felt too much. But as far as the criticism, that's just life. You can't internalize it or take it personally. There's no need for me to get angry or upset.

Coutura: I hear you. I've always been bold with beauty and fashion choices and I'm like, "You don't have to like it...I like it."

Ameriie: Exactly.

Coutura: What products would you recommend to keep your hair healthy after you color it?

Ameriie: What I like about SoftSheen Carson Roots of Nature is that they use shea butter and green tea extract, which are really cool ingredients. Their stimulating scalp oil is my favorite for keeping your scalp and hair healthy.

Coutura: Your hair is always so beautiful and shiny. What do you do to take care of it?

Ameriie: Satin pillows are a must...or satin bonnets, which aren't always so cute (laughs). But every now and then, I'll sleep with that on. Use a protein treatment when you color your hair. Massage the scalp; don't overload it with oils. Oh, and never use your fingernails when you wash your hair. You can damage your scalp; use your fingertips instead. Take multivitamins, Fish Oil and Vitamin E supplement. I take them everyday.

Coutura: Great tips! So tell me about the new album. How have you evolved? How is it different from your last album?

Ameriie:  It's completely different! It's not a hip hop, R&B, soul album at all. It's called CYMATIKA Volume 1, I'll have other volumes as well.

Cymatika is the study of visual sound. They'll put sand on a plate that is hooked up to wires and with certain sounds, vibration goes through to the plate and creates a geometric shape out of the sand. You'll go from C note to D note and when you change the note, the sand's formation changes. When you go back to C, the sand goes back to its original formation. It's fascinating.

As humans, we're all energy and light and spirit; and sound plays a part in that because sound is simply vibrating energy. That's what this album is about...about life and who we are, not being afraid to be who we are, and not forgetting our spirit.

Coutura: How would you describe the sound of the album?

Ameriie: The album is influenced by new wave and acid house, which I explored in my album "Because I Love It" in 2007, which was released in Europe.

For the fans who heard that, they'll say "Oh, I could see this coming." For fans who loved the first album, they're going to be like "What is this?!" (laughs) But I grew up listening to everything, and this is where I am now. And it feels right for me.

Coutura: Going back to visual sound, I know you recently changed your name (from "Amerie" to "Ameriie"). Is that related at all?

Ameriie: I added an extra "i" because the vibration of it is very positive. But that's just me, it's not related to the album. I've wanted to do that for a while, just like with my hair color. You know, a lot of times we make decisions based on fear and are scared about what other people are going to say. I think once we realize that we should relinquish that fear, anything is possible because there's nothing holding us back. And this music just really reflects me following my passion and letting go of fear and embracing where I'm at right now in my life.

Coutura: So empowering! Speaking of empowerment, I'm sure you're excited for this weekend in Chicago with the Chicago Youth Center and Softsheen-Carson event. Tell us all about it.

Ameriie: It's great because this event, the Softsheen-Carson Roots of Nature "Picture of Strength" event, benefits the Chicago Youth Center (CYC), which has so many amazing programs like one where underprivileged students receive backpacks full of school supplies. Niecey Nash is hosting it, and I'm performing. And for everyone that comes, Softsheen-Carson is going to give a donation to the CYC. There are going to be family portraits and Johnny Wright will be there doing hair for free! A huge treat for the women and their families.

Coutura: Oh, I'm so jealous I can't be there (laughs). Have a fab event!


Check out some pictures from the SoftSheen Carson Roots of Nature "Picture of Strength" event, which was indeed fabulous, and look out for Ameriie's new CD, CYMATIKA Volume 1 which comes out next Spring and her first single which drops next month. Follow her on Twitter at @itsmeameriie.

Ameriie on the red carpet at the SoftSheen Carson Roots of Nature "Picture of Strength" event

Ameriie, Johnny Wright and Niecey Nash before event

Ameriie performing at the event.

Shop Ameriie's favorite SoftSheen Carson Roots of Nature products below.




The MAC Venomous Villains Collection Is Here!!

As you know, Glamazons, I've been ranting and raving about the newest collection from MAC for what feels like eons now. (In actuality it's only been about two months, but I live in New York. One second can feel like an eternity so you'll have to excuse my skewed logic on time.) But now it's here! One particularly jam packed day, I came home exhausted and was so excited to see the doorman hand over a big black box to me upon entrance to my apartment. Joy!
The MAC Venomous Villains collection actually centers around four classic Disney villains:

Cruella de Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmations

Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog

What's so great about these products? Well, besides the awesome packaging, I'm in love with the moody/borderline gawdy shades in each of the collections. I mean, it's like I'm evoking my inner bad girl every time I wear any of the products! Atothemazing.
So, here are my product faves:

This magnificent powder is the Magically Cool Liquid Powder ($29.50) and can be found in Dr. Facilier's collection. It comes in two shades: Truth & Light (a sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink) and Cajun (a sheer bronze shimmer that reflects gold). You know, my fave is the shade Cajun. I simply dip in my kabuki brush and go to town bronzing my face with this stuff.

Of course, there's a shade of red lipstick in the Cruella De Vil collection since it's like her signature color. The name of this is (fittingly) called Heartless ($15.50). I can't decide whether I really just like this because it's red lipstick or because it has Cruella De Vil's face on it. (She's like one of my all-time favorite villains!)

You know I live for a purple eye so of course my beauty lust would be all over this Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo from the Maleficent collection called My Dark Magic ($21).

A deep plum lip shade is always a win for fall! This shade called Hot House from the Evil Queen collection is a makeup bag staple for the season.

And there you have it, Glamazons! What do you think?! I'm so excited to have the products in my hands. Be sure to check 'em out on September 30 when they hit a MAC counter near you!


ENTER TO WIN: Clairol Professional's No Damage Color Challenge Contest

I'm sure that you gals know all about that hair rule that says you're not supposed to mix together hair color and relaxer in your hair, right? Well, Clairol Professional has invented this awesome product that says you can!
I'm talking about none other than the Beautiful Collection Moisturizing Color. This stuff is great in that it allows you the chance to color your hair even if you have a relaxer. Say, what?! I know, crazy, right?! The enriched formula is peroxide and ammonia free so there's no way that you'll be damaging your strands. It also contains Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E for an extra "oomph" of conditioning and lasts in your hair at least 4-8 shampoos. There are 15 rich shades in the line, so you're sure to find the one that looks the best on you. And, for those that are just interested in covering up those gray strands, there's the Advanced Gray Solutions.
Even if you don't have a perm (I don't!) or are a hair color virgin, you can still use this stuff to just play around with shades that you wouldn't normally wear on a regular basis since it's totally not permanent.
But don't take my word for it that this stuff is awesome! They're giving you the ultimate chance to not only test it out (yeah, you can score bottles of it here..more on that in a bit!) but also win some cool prizes like an iPod Nano, FlipCam, American Express and Sally Hansen giftcards valued at $150.

Alright, so here's all you gotta do for your chance to win your own set of products right now: just "like" our FaceBook page, The Glamazons, and we'll pick a winner. (Click here for the link.)
To win all of those other supercool prizes that I mentioned, here's what you should do:
Stylists and hair students will be uploading their top haircolor looks to Clairol Professional's FaceBook page awaiting your judgement call. Just click here to go to their FB page starting September 30 (that's Thursday!) and vote on your fave hair looks. Each time you vote, you'll be entered to win all those great prizes. The more you vote, the higher your chances are of winning! Super easy, right?!
So get to "liking" and voting! Encourage your friends to do the same and don't forget to enter to win your own set of products from The Glamazons to test it out for yourself. Good luck!


A Day In The Life: Caress Girls' Night Out At The Boom Boom Room

Hey Glamazons! Hope that all of you had a "glam"azingly fantastic weekend. Me, I worked. All weekend long. Ugh. You know, I can't even begin to emphasize to you how hard life is in New York when you're trying to make it on your own. There are some days when you just want to throw in the towel and go back home, but then you get to do things like what I'm about to tell you all about and it makes life here a little bit better. (Yes, that's me above..holding a champagne glass in a limo..love!)
After working a particularly grueling shift at the store (yeah, I'm back in retail again..more on that later) I left to meet up with my beauty blogging amiga Amber Katz. She's the brains behind the amazing blog Beauty Blogging Junkie and was invited to spend a night out on the town with her girls courtesy of Caress!
This wasn't just any night out on the town, Glamazons. I mean, Caress hooked us up with a limo ride and a pre-arranged bar tab. SWEET! The night began at the BBJ Headquarters where we got all dolled up for the evening. Check out the video that we made here:

Lipstick for the night? MAC's Ruffian Red..my all-time fave go-to shade of red. (Amber was even wearing it by the end of the night. Not because we made out or anything but more because she loved the shade of red, too hahaha)

Afterwards, we jumped in the limo and then headed over to The Standard Hotel for drinks at The Boom Boom Room. Now, let me tell you Glamazons, this is no ordinary bar. In fact, it's super exclusive so you have to make reservations to get in. However, once there it's like you've been transported to another world! It's features lush carpeting, a live jazz band and views of the city that are out of this world (here's a pic I took at the window while there!)

The first time I visited this place was right after the Ferragamo fragrance party a couple of months ago. I partied the night away with some really rich people and ended up in the elevator with Beyonce, Jay-Z and their bodyguard. (Yes, I'm not lying. I was shared a small space with one of the richest couples in the world. The whole time I was praying that the elevator would somehow get stuck, but it didn't. Sigh.)
However, this time around, I was the VIP guest. (Woo hoo!) Besides myself and Amber other members of the party included Tamar from Fashion Binge ; Dina of Eye4Style and Anne of The Jet Set Girls.

Amber, Tamar, Dina....
and the gorge Anne!

There's not much else to say about the night except that I enjoyed myself immensely drinking way much more than I planned to. (I'm a serious sucker for Moet!)

Ferocia and Glambr (side note: I'm not really naked, just wearing a strapless dress and showing lotsa skin..because it IS a Caress-sponsored Girls' Night Out hahaha)

Now if only I could have nights like these all of the time!



FIRST LOOK! Jimmy Choo for Ugg Australia Collection

Admittedly, I was completely apprehensive about a collaboration between Jimmy Choo and Ugg Australia. And can you really blame me?

While Jimmy Choo has created some of the most delectable sandals I've seen this century, Ugg Australia has never been a favorite of mine. The shoes are undoubtedly practical and warm, but stylish they are not.

That said, I pretty much expected Jimmy Choo to perform a miracle, giving Ugg Australia a luxurious and tasteful makeover. And umm, they may have accomplished it.

They adorned a pair of Uggs with some studs to give them some glamour and edge. Hmm...

Other styles, which truthfully aren't my favorite, boast zepra print and leopard patterns, and fringe and star detail.

They may not be as fabulous as a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos, but they certainly are an upgrade for Uggs. 

What are your thoughts? Would you wear these shoes?



GLAM OR SHAM?: Willow Smith's Braided Faux-Hawk Ponytail at the Dolce & Gabbana Show

Willow Smith is so cool and fashion-forward, I can't keep up. After rocking her white-tipped hair at the Emporio Armani Spring 2011 show, Willow debuted a braided faux-hawk ponytail at the Dolce & Gabbana show. Looove!

I think it's edgy and still age-appropriate enough for a 9 year-old style star. The mohawk and French braid are so the birthchild of a rockstar hairstyle and a childhood staple. But that's just my opinion...

Some not-so-friendly people felt she looked very Avatar-esque. Ouch. What do you think of Willow Smith's look? Is it GLAM or SHAM?

Here's Naomi Campbell kicking it backstage with Willow and Jada at the Dolce & Gabbana show.



GLAM OR SHAM?: Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie and Christina Aguillera at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Gala

While the rest of us were shopping, doing laundry or hitting the beach yesterday, Hollywood luminaries were gathering for "Unmasking" a black-tie gala at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

The event took place Saturday night and several Glamazons were in attendance from Kim Kardashian to Nicole Richie. Christina Aguillera performed hits "Imagine," "You Lost Me," "Beautiful," and "Fighter," backed by a 20-piece orchestra. Would've killed to here her performance!

The gowns, admittedly, didn't impress me as much...except for Kim Kardashian's that is.

Nicole Richie chose a Marchesa tulle white and black gown with embroidery and ribbon detail. While I am obsessed with Marchesa's glorious ballerina-ready dresses, Nicole Richie's gown isn't the most flattering on her.

Christina Aguillera wore a silk chiffon champagne gown by Atelier Versace with a plunging neckline and gold bead detailing around the waist.

She wore red lips and platinum blonde curls. I am soo not a fan. The hair, boobage and champagne hue makes the dress look tacky to me.

Kim Kardashian stole the show in a one-shoulder, peach gown with draped gatherings along the waist. She wore her hair in an elegant updo. Stunning!

What do you think about these looks? Who was GLAM and who was a SHAM?




GLAM OR SHAM?: Willow Smith's White Hair at the Emporio Armani Fashion Show for Milan Fashion Week

Willow Smith does it again. The junior pop star (who had us all bopping to her hit single, Whip My Hair) debuted a new hairstyle to whip around at the Emporio Armani Spring 2011 show: a white streak of hair and newly-straightened locks.

It totally looks like she dipped her hair in white paint, but I think it's kind of cool. The outfit embodies her signature funky, mismatched style with black ankle boots on top of black knee boots with white laces on top of white lace-up leggings. How's that for layering?

She also rocks it with a newspaper-printed tee and a black cropped jacket. There's a neon yellow tank poking out at the top and a crossbody bag with chain handle and black and white striped floral detail in the mix. Whew.

I totally threw on all the clothes in one drawer and tried to go out when I was nine. One outfit famously involved a pink and white striped onesie, pink tights, white ballet flats and a pink headband. Atleast Willow has enough fashion sense not to match (matching is so corny these days). And personally, I think her style is fun and adorable.

What do you think of Willow's latest look, and more importantly that white hair? Glam or Sham?

Sole Mate: Janet Jackson's Burberry Shearling-Lined Aviator Boots

Now these are the kinds of accessories I need: a pair of Burberry Shearling-Lined Aviator Boots and a handsome man on my arm.

Janet Jackson hit the town in NYC with new boo, Wissam Al Mana, rocking my fave pair of boots from Burberry's Fall collection.

She paired them with a leather jacket, white t-shirt, ripped jeans and shades. Add her stunning haircut to the mix, and you've got the perfect casual, cool city look.

While Wissam is certainly easy on the eyes, the Burberry boots are even hotter. The boots are the perfect mix of refined and rugged. The smooth leather and designer-stamped gold buckles are feminine and sexy, while the shearling lining (a theme in Burberry's collection) and rubber tread give you all the edge you'll ever need.

Love how practical they are too; the shearling keeps your feet warm and the rubber tread is perfect for trekking through city streets. The 5 inch heel though is strictly for sex appeal.

Don't you just love them?



Photo Source


Sole Mate: The Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Booties Lindsay Lohan Wore to Court

As you know, Lindsay Lohan's back in jail again, booked today at the Los Angeles County's Century Regional Detention Center after failing two drug tests. Sad!

But I have to say - when it's time to look like a demure sophisticated lady in court, Lindsay Lohan knows the shoes to choose (even if the outfit doesn't quite convince the judge...or any of us that she's cleaned up her act). The troubled star wore a pair of Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Booties which are $1,195. (Whoa at the price tag. I'll have to pick them up from my new online find, www.edoubletake.com that gives up to 75% off retail. Get into it!)

Bows can be very Easter-Sunday (read frilly, feminine and over-the-top) but the girly girl in me can't help but love these shoes! And as our reader Fashionably8 said, the leather gives them enough edge to balance out the girliness.

Too bad Lindsay couldn't wear them in jail, and they were brought out by mom, Dina Lohan, in a plastic bag. The shoes would get so much better treatment in my closet.

What do you think about Christian Louboutin's Madame Butterfly Booties? And please, don't take disdain for Lindsay's mishaps out on the shoes, lol. They're completely innocent.


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