GLAM OR SHAM?: Lenny Kravitz Rocks Knee-High Wedge Heels and Leather Pants

Some men get a pass for wearing heels. Prince, for example. Even when Kanye West straddles the line between feminine and masculine (i.e. his murse, bangles and man cleavage), I'm inclined to turn a blind eye. (But when Chris Brown rocks man capris, I have to call the glambulance, see how this works?).

Lenny Kravitz falls in this sector to me. Afterall, he's a rockstar with a free spirit who relishes in bold sartorial expression (the guy's a repeat man-cleavage offender...with a hoop nose ring).

But leather pants, a murse and knee-high wedge heels may be too feminine a look for the bold star. What do you think? Are man wedges GLAM or SHAM?



1 comment:

Chantal B. said...

lol I actuallllly LOVE Chris capris but then he can also do no wrong.

But this getup on Lenny is ATROCIOUS!! I don't like it.. I wonder if he even has pants on.

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