Call the Glambulance: Gabourey Sidibe's Hair on the Cover of ELLE Magazine

I am speechless as to why someone would throw a horrid wig on this poor talented girl. So unknowing, so innocent, Gabourey Sidibe was made to look a boiling mess on the cover of Elle Magazine's 25th Anniversary issue.

This wig looks like a brillo pad, like they literally mopped the floor and makeup counter with it then plopped it on our head.

Eek. As dry and rigid as the desert. Try running your fingers through it and I guarantee you'd come out with cuts on your hand.

She is a beautiful, young lady. This is offensive.

Somehow, they got it together for the other covers, featuring Amanda Seyfried, Meghan Fox and Lauren Conrad.  An apology is in order.

Don't you agree? (P.S. I've been on a million sets and at any given time, there are 15 people offering their opinion without being asked. There wasn't one person on set who spoke up about that billowing disaster on "Gabby's" head? Even when retouching, which they have an affinity for at Elle, they didn't notice how bad her hair looked? Confusing...)




Plus Model/Writer for Plus Model Magazine/Singer/Songwriter/Actress Nikeya Young said...

AGREED!!! They wrong 4 dat! It's such a nice picture too, but the hair kills it:(.

StyleSaveur said...

I completely agree ... I'm not sure who the hair director was but they really need to EXPLAIN this.

Sidenote: I'm not thrilled with Lauren Conrad's either. It looks greasy, dirty and I'm not loving that look on her.

sssdawna said...


I think the wig looks textured and

there's nothing wrong with hair that's NOT super shiny

and straight.

so if Gabourey likes it, I say it's fine.

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