Manicurist Jin Soon Creates "Forbidden" Nail Collection For M.A.C.

If you've already purchased products from M.A.C.'s Fabulous Felines cosmetics collection, then it's only required that you also check out their newest nail collection for Fall 2010. Created by nail guru Jin Soon, this one is definitely a winner in my beauty book! This season, Soon was inspired by the "sensual pleasures of the forbidden city" which means that you'll basically be wearing shades of sin on your nails.
Yes, I attend church pretty often, but I'm guilty of admitting that sometimes a little bit of sin on your nails is a good thing..especially when it looks like this!
I recently had a pretty glamazing mani/pedi sesh at the Eve Salon before my birthday extravaganza and decided to rock this shade from the collection called Rain of Flowers.

From far away, it looks like any 'ole dark nail polish until you get up close and realize that it's a dark, shimmery blackened violet. As you can see from the the advertising below, we're dealing with some pretty sinful stuff here, folks.

OK, so click here to purchase shades from the collection. Hurry because once it sells out that's the end of it! (Ahem...remember those nail polishes from the M.A.C. Alice + Olivia collection? Yeah, those are now extinct so if you didn't get your hands on those you can at least get these!)

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