ENTER TO WIN: Clairol Professional's No Damage Color Challenge Contest

I'm sure that you gals know all about that hair rule that says you're not supposed to mix together hair color and relaxer in your hair, right? Well, Clairol Professional has invented this awesome product that says you can!
I'm talking about none other than the Beautiful Collection Moisturizing Color. This stuff is great in that it allows you the chance to color your hair even if you have a relaxer. Say, what?! I know, crazy, right?! The enriched formula is peroxide and ammonia free so there's no way that you'll be damaging your strands. It also contains Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E for an extra "oomph" of conditioning and lasts in your hair at least 4-8 shampoos. There are 15 rich shades in the line, so you're sure to find the one that looks the best on you. And, for those that are just interested in covering up those gray strands, there's the Advanced Gray Solutions.
Even if you don't have a perm (I don't!) or are a hair color virgin, you can still use this stuff to just play around with shades that you wouldn't normally wear on a regular basis since it's totally not permanent.
But don't take my word for it that this stuff is awesome! They're giving you the ultimate chance to not only test it out (yeah, you can score bottles of it here..more on that in a bit!) but also win some cool prizes like an iPod Nano, FlipCam, American Express and Sally Hansen giftcards valued at $150.

Alright, so here's all you gotta do for your chance to win your own set of products right now: just "like" our FaceBook page, The Glamazons, and we'll pick a winner. (Click here for the link.)
To win all of those other supercool prizes that I mentioned, here's what you should do:
Stylists and hair students will be uploading their top haircolor looks to Clairol Professional's FaceBook page awaiting your judgement call. Just click here to go to their FB page starting September 30 (that's Thursday!) and vote on your fave hair looks. Each time you vote, you'll be entered to win all those great prizes. The more you vote, the higher your chances are of winning! Super easy, right?!
So get to "liking" and voting! Encourage your friends to do the same and don't forget to enter to win your own set of products from The Glamazons to test it out for yourself. Good luck!


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