Would you wear...Lace-up Pants like Kim Kardashian and Kelis?

Everywhere I turn these days, I'm seeing lace-up boots like my fabulous pair from Topshop (more on those later). It will be a huge trend for Fall, and I'm not mad about it! There's something so refined and equestrian about boots with laces.

But taking that trend to pants? That's where it gets tacky in my opinion. The S&M-esque pants scream Lady Marmalade...like a corset for your legs. I just expect to see boas, false lashes and whips; and to smell plastic when I look at these pants.

Nonetheless, trendy starlettes like Kim Kardashian and Kelis have been rocking them lately. Kim wore a black pair of lace-up pants while out in NYC with Kourtney Kardashian and Mason; Kelis rocked a green velvet pair of lace-up leggings in Dublin, Ireland at the Guinness Storehouse for Arthur's Day celebrations.

Both of them looked a funky cheap mess to me. What do you think? Would you wear lace-up leggings?

While the lace-up leggings look is not my favorite, I know there are Glamazons out there, including Kim K. and Kelis, who love the look. For that reason---and after a request from one of our readers, Chantal B., I found some lace-up options online, for Luxe and for Less. Check them out:




Chantal B. said...

I ACTUALLLLLY would. I think they are cute and really want to know where she got them from lol

Kade' Boteh said...

I think the leggings look hot, although I can't really get with Kelis's pair. These are the type of pants that you can't dress down, you MUST wear heels or amazing shoes and great accessories! Also, not just anyone should try this trend...if you even think for a minute that your legs will bulge through DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT wear pants like this...lol.

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