GLAM OR SHAM?: Michelle Obama Mixes Floral Print and Watercolor

Michelle Obama gets the Glamazon seal of approval just for studying and embracing current fashion trends. The ever-stylish First Lady followed up her lace, leopard and polka dot look with another mixed print outfit; this time, she wears a floral top and watercolor skirt.

I LOVE this look! I've seen the mixed print look mostly in an edgy, trendy, youthful vibe; Michelle's version looks modern and refined. She brings a posh, polished air to it.

Though the prints could be seen as busy, both patterns are in the same color family---the golden rule when rocking mixed prints. The silhouette looks great on her, playing up her womanly figure.

 And work those teal heels Mrs. Obama. I say GLAM!

What say you, Glamazons? Is this moment chic and GLAM or a busy SHAM?




1 comment:

Kade' Boteh said...

I think she looks great. At first glance one would think the look was too busy but when you take a second glance you can see that the colors are in the fame family and the prints look like they were made for each other. Plus Michelle Obama is hot and chic so that helps lol

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