Glamazons Blog Guide: What to Wear to Fashion Week

It's that time of year again where impeccably-dressed editors and eclectic fashionistas make their way to the tents for their first glimpse at the new season's collections. Though this year marks the first run of New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, the rest of Fashion Week will remain positively normal. Attendees from celebrities to journalists will still come clad in designer duds, stepping in 5-inch heels with fabulous IT bags in tow. Yes, ladies and gentleman, the fashion week wardrobe is still intact.

Allow us to share the checkpoints of any successful Fashion Week ensemble with you: a designer dress, an It bag, a killer pair of heels, sunglasses, a wow beauty look and flawless hair. And ladies, take note. If there is anything you should take away from Ferocia and my Fashion Week escapades, it's that your goal at Fashion Week is to look the part above all else. Afterall, it's an industry based around appearance (hello!).

Follow this guideline and you will stand out among the Fashion Week crowd...in a good way, of course.


When you're attending several shows a day, who has time to painstakingly plan the perfect outfit? Not me. A dress is a simple yet fabulous option that is perfect for on-the-go editors like myself. The fabulous Fashion Week twist is to wear a dress by a designer that represents a signature look or print from the previous collection---i.e. when everyone sees you in it, they know it's [enter designer name here from the Fall season]. Celebrities pay homage to designer shows by wearing that artisan's frock at their collections, and you can too. Sample sales and my fave, Rent the Runway, provide the perfect opportunity to wear designer duds for less. Here are some standouts from the season that look as good seated in the front row as they do on the runway:


Where to put your tape recorder, notebook, copy of the Daily, snacks (because the shows rarely leave time to pick up lunch!), Flip Cam and flats? In your signature It bag of course. A bag makes a fabulous statement for you that says you're in the know and have an insatiable desire for all things luxurious. Check out the bags will keep all eyes on you at the Tents this season:


If you were following Ferocia and I through last year's Fashion Week, you know my ankle injury barely stopped me from parading around in heels throughout the city to attend shows. Flats may be more comfortable (and safe, in my case) but Fashion Week calls for the hottest 5-6 inch heels of the season. And I just have to oblige. Indulge in some statement-making heels to accompany your designer dresses---just keep the flats nearby in your bag.


Be it Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall, a pair of shades is a Fashion Week staple. And, in all honesty, they're great for hiding tired, weary eyes after your 6th 9am-10pm day of going from show-to-show. And they just take an outfit to rockstar level, don't they? Check out our faves.

Getting the look down pact for Fashion Week is 75% of the battle. Follow this checklist and prepare to be whisked into shows and stopped repeatedly to have your picture taken for 'Street Glam' columns.

And of course, tune into The Glamazons Blog for daily, in-depth coverage of the Spring 2011 shows.

Let the countdown begin...



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