Men's Fly Fashion: T.I.'s Akoo Spring 2010 Lookbook

T.I.'s clothing brand, AKOO, has had the kind of public trouble lately that could rival...well, T.I. himself. They caused controversy for their risque Newark billboard that featured a woman simulating oral sex. Weeks later, they were sued by Akoo International for trademark infringement regarding the brand name.

Still, the drama hasn't deterred the label from churning out another flawless collection for the Spring 2010 season. The look imbues classic, Americana style with a hip, urban edge.

From plaid cargo shorts to cool denim to faded nautical tees, the collection offers time-honored classics with a youthful vitality. The impeccable fit and rich fabrics are unrivaled across the urban 'rapper-turned-designer' clothing landscape, with the exception of Diddy's successful brand, Sean John.

In short, the collection proves that the 'King' title from the brand's moniker, 'A King of Oneself' is truly deserved. Check it out below:

What do you think of the collection? What piece are you picking up when it hits stores?



ENTER TO WIN: H&M and Lucky Magazine Style Eye Competition

H&M and Lucky Magazine know that the most fashionable minds aren't on the runway; they're on the street. The popular retail chain and shopping magazine have joined forces to find three such stylish stars through their Facebook competition, which ends at 12AM TODAY.

Here's how to enter: Click here and upload a picture to the Facebook Style Eye application that shows off your unique, eclectic fashion sense. After sharing your style with the world, vote for others whose style you find most inspiring.

H&M and fashion lovers everywhere will vote for three winners that win several awesome prizes! The style stars will land a trip to NYC for an exclusive spread in Lucky Magazine, be featured in how-to online videos, score a $500 shopping spree at H&M, a gift bag from MTV and tickets to a concert while they're in the city. Fun!

Click here to enter and here for a list of rules.

Good luck from The Glamazons!



WOULD YOU WEAR?: Willow Smith's Converse Sneaker Pants

It's no surprise that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's children are creative. But while Jaden Smith is starring in the Karate Kid remake, Willow Smith is turning heads on the orange carpet.

The pint-size fashionista pushed the envelope in a pair of pink custom Converse Extension I sneaker pants, a striped shirt, white jacket and matching sunglasses. Very cool!

The Converse sneaker pants don't look completely wearable (i.e. they seem like they are uncomfortable to get on) but the concept is supercool. They're designed for Converse by Daryl van Wouw.

Would you wear them?




Jergens Skincare Teams Up With Jane Krakowski

Actress and singer Jane Krakowski wants you to know that the safest way to get a glowing tan this season is with Jergens. So, she's teamed up with the brand and the Skin Cancer Foundation to help spread the word. In a new video, Krakowski reveals some of her secrets to staying beautiful as well as how she gets (and maintains) natural-looking color with Jergens natural glow moisturizers. Each time the video is viewed between now and August 31, 2010, Jergens Skincare Team will make a $1 donation to The Skin Cancer Foundation. So get to clicking, Glamazons.
This is a super easy way to help donate funds for a great cause!


The Secret To Showing Good Face

It's no small secret that (deep down) every woman just wants to show good face. I mean, why else do you wear makeup everyday?! Duh.
Ok, on a serious note, I think that makeup should showcase your natural beauty (not hide it) and everyone isn't blessed to have picture perfect skin like a super model. Enter L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base. I used it on my skin while in L.A. during a shoot for the ESSENCE It Girl casting (I'm the host!) and all I can say is wowza! This stuff really works; as it should since it was created in part by makeup artist (more like a makeup God!) James Kaliardos. You can wear it alone or underneath makeup for an instant matte look. It effectively masks all flaws such as fine lines, wrinkles and pores. (Just check out my face below. I mean, maybe I don't have tons of fine lines and wrinkles, but it definitely gave me a noticeable all around smoother look; perfect for working in front of the camera.)

The best part (besides the fact that it's sold right at the drug store for only $12.95!) is that it's fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. (So those with sensitive skin can partake in this magic-in-a-jar as well.) Yes, it really is as great as I make it sound so you may as well stop reading and go grab it now; and be sure to let us know what you think after you use it!


Ask The Glamazons: Best Brands of Jeans for Curvy Girls?

Finding the perfect pair of jeans for a curvy woman is an almost impossible feat. From plummer's butt to Mom jeans, there are tons of pitfalls a girl must avoid when choosing the right pair. I know the struggle all too well. Besides having a super tiny waist and curvy butt (that precipitates my obsession with leggings), I penned a denim special for The Magazine about this very problem.

After months of personal and professional research, here are the best brands I've found for curvy women:

  • CJ by Cookie Johnson - comfort, style and impeccable fit
  • Joe's Jeans
  • Not Your Daughter's Jeans - technology to lift and shape your curves and slim your tummy.
  • Rozzie Rae Jeans - boasts jeans that are cut to fit your unique shape like apple (fabric cut generously in the waist) and pear (more fabric around the hips)
  • Baby Phat
  • PZI Jeans - caters to curvy women of all sizes with styles for short, medium, long and extra long legs!
  • Apple Bottom - Founded by rapper Nelly, these jeans are designed to contour to fit women with ample rears. (But please, go for the ones without the huge annoying logos).

PLUS...here are a few tried-and-true tips on shopping and caring for jeans for curvy women:

  • Curvy women should choose jeans with stretch (4 to 5% spandex) that contour to fit your shape.
  • Don't cling to a size. Every brand uses different fit models, so a size 14 at Old Navy isn't the same as a size 14 at Baby Phat.
  • When trying on jeans in the dressing room, sit down. It's a surefire way to tell if your jeans will gap in the waistband once you wear them out and about.
  • Choose jeans with an outseam close to your thigh to give the appearance of thinner legs.
  • Put jeans with stretch in the dryer on a low setting as the machine weakens the lycra.
  • Baggy jeans aren't flattering on most curvy women. They obscure your shape and make you appear larger. Jeans that skim your curves are ideal like skinny jeans. You CAN wear them.

If you have a fashion, beauty or career-related question you want The Glamazons to answer, email theglamazonsblog@gmail.com or tweet us at @glamazonsblog.



VIDEO GLAM or SHAM: Kelis' Acapella

The original fashion rebel Kelis is back with a hit dance record, "Acapella," an album, Flesh Tone, and tons more eccentric fashion looks.

The latest video shows the R&B singer in full Avatar mode: tribal garb with feathers, bright beaded necklaces, embellished corsets, body artwork and even bows and arrows. We also see Kelis showing off her bikini bod, gold painted skin and Statue of Liberty headband (yes, it makes a return) in a lair fit for a Queen. Another scene shows Kelis in a galaxy full of crystal studs in a black embroidered jumpsuit.

The visuals, which include bold fuschia lips while the rest of the frame is black-and-white, are pretty fascinating. And the makeup is just stunning but I have to admit I'm not a fan of the gray braided hairstyle. It's just not becoming on her and makes her look old (my opinion).

Nevertheless, this video is fresh and futuristic both visually and sonically. And the best part? Her and Nas' son, Knight, makes his first cameo at the end of the video. I love a rockstar Mom!

Check out some of Kelis' head-turning looks and her new video below. Glam or Sham?



Photos: Necole Bitchie

VIDEO GLAM: Erykah Badu's "Window Seat": Why I Want to Be Naked Too

Erykah Badu is truly an icon. For her latest video, she ditched the eccentric clothes, the famous afro, even the Rick James-inspired style she rocked last week on the Wendy Williams show, for a raw, naked look. Yes, naked as in butterball, butt naked. Click here to see the video.

The neo-soul icon gave the ultimate artistic expression when she walked confidently down the Dallas street where JFK was assassinated, disrobing with every step.  By the end, as Erykah stands naked in broad daylight surrounded by unsuspecting passersby, a shot rings out, her head snaps and she falls to her death, with blue blood flowing from her that reads "Group Think." Whoa.

The concept is so deep and freeing. I emphatically applaud her. It's open to interpretation, but my take is that it isn't pure nudity, or sexuality like we've seen in previous videos (i.e. Lady Gaga's nudity in Telephone). As Erykah disrobes, she's shedding her "group mentality" and freeing her body and also, her mind and spirit. She's boldly and fearlessly expressing her individuality and defying the group's way of thinking, mirroring what JFK did as President. Many believe he was assassinated for his unique, bold ideology and so too, was Erykah, once she was completely free and naked at the end of the video. It's art, people. The video is loaded with meaning.

It fits with the lyrics of the song as she sings that she is searching for a "place to fly, a place to cry" alone with "no one next to" her. I get that concept. I always take the Window Seat on planes for that reason. To be in my head, free from distractions and opinions and judgments, and to just be at peace with me. It is an empowering, peaceful place, alone, staring into the sky---and it's all the more commendable that Erykah was able to find that place of individualism and emotional nakedness surrounded by people. I wish I could be that free (figuratively, not literally. So don't worry, no naked strolls down Times Square in my future).

Of course, that concept, which is substantiated by Erykah's recent tweets (@fatbellybella), flies above people's heads. But she could care less. And of course, most people are harboring over the fact that she has a great butt. Which flatters her (she's retweeted several comments about it) but they're also missing the point. And again, she could care less.

The booty scene isn't merely powerful because she's got amazing curves, but because it marks the first time she is truly defying social decorum, by walking down the street in her undies. The power isn't just in her shape, but in her body language. She's not ashamed, or sexualized, which are the two ways women appear when they are nude in public. She's confident, brave and at peace. She's in her world, strutting proudly and freely like a Queen, while in regular black panties and in the midst of everyday folk who scream that she's insane.

I don't plan on disrobing down a Dallas street, but I live for artistic expression and commend Erykah's. While points about traumatized children are valid, I think criticism that she's "stripping" to sell records reduce her beautiful video and profound concept. Erykah is, and always has been, much more than sex.

What do you think? How did you interpret the video? Do you commend Erykah or believe it was in poor taste? Discuss.



Lipstick Of The Moment: Petals and Peacocks by MAC

Hey Glamazons! In my never-ending pursuit of trying new beauty looks, I've decided to start rocking lipsticks. I know, I know, this is something that I should have been doing a long time ago, but I've always been a lip gloss kind of girl. But now I plan on starting wearing a new shade at least once a week.
With that said, I am pleased to reveal the shade I'm currently obsessed with: Petals and Peacocks from MAC's Liberty of London collection. It's the perfect pinkish, purplish shade for spring! (I wore it out recently at a birthday party for one of my best (gay) guy friends, Alex; that's him picture above.) What do you think?


FIRST LOOK: Secret Moments by Victoria's Secret Beauty

When it comes to some of my favorite memories I definitely have scent association. I may be as blind as a bat (thank God for contacts because without them I see nothing!) but most everything that I remember is associated with some type of sound or, most importantly, a scent.
Well, the lovely ladies at VS Beauty (including super model Alessandra Ambrosio, who's the face for this new collection) also think the same and will be launching a new line of fragrant body care based solely on some of their favorite memories. Here's the scoop on the new scents:

Girls' Scent
-An electric, flirty scent infused with Pink Peony and Waterlily
Island Escape
-Inspired by the crystal blue waters of the ocean, this scent is a breath of fresh ocean air mixed with beachy Coconut and Sugarcane
At First Sight
-A pretty mix of Violet and Bergamot
Side note: At the event, Alessandra shared that she helped to create this scent based off of the first time that she saw her daughter after giving birth. Too sweet!
Room 504
-A sexy, sultry scent infused with Amber and Passionfruit
Side note: One of the VS Beauty execs shared at the event that the reason she helped to create this scent was to capture the moment that her fiance proposed to her. She met this guy and (although it as a long distance thing) they did everything in their power to see each other as often as possible. One weekend they met up and there at the hotel in room 504, he proposed! Ugh. The romanticism of it all gives me major swoonage.
Good Day Sunshine
-Happiness personified; an uber pretty mix of peach and blue freesia, it's the perfect pick me up for a dreary day.

Each scent comes in a Sheer Fragrance Mist ($12); Daily Moisture Body Lotion ($10); Nourishing Body Cream ($12); and Daily Body Wash ($10).

My favorite? Why Girls' Night of course! Be sure to check 'em out at your local Victoria's Secret next month (April 2010) and let us know which ones you like.

GLAM OR SHAM?: Katy Perry in The Blonds at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards

You can always depend on Katy Perry to inject a dose of rock-and-roll on the orange carpet. The wild starlet turned heads at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards in a colorful barely-there frock by one of our favorite brands, The Blonds. 

Katy showed off her amazing bod in the dress from their Fall 2010 collection, which looks pretty much like a corset with some fabric hanging over the bottom. The Blonds top, I mean, dress offers the kind of fabulous flourishes we expect from the brand: glitter, iridescent color and tons of stone gems.

Katy pairs her glamazing dress with equally sparkly Christian Louboutin Lady Lynch Zepa Strass heels.

What's the verdict, Glamazons? Is it fabulous or scandalous? And is scandalous a bad thing? Discuss.



GLAM OR SHAM?: Keke Palmer in Adam Lippes at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards

The Kids' Choice Awards is the perfect setting for fun fashion, and Keke Palmer proves it in her flirty, colorful minidress.

The nominee wore a fun, vibrant dress from Adam's Spring 2009 line. The v-neck minidress is encrusted with colorful stones that offer a bright, youthful vibe.

A fresh-faced Palmer paired the dress with Christian Louboutin's adorable lavender patent leather "Banana" pumps. Tres chic.

I adore a young, fashionable style star, and Keke always seems to get it right! What do you think of Keke's look? Glam or a Sham?



GET THE LOOK: Lea Michele at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards

A flawless beauty herself, I just loved the beauty look actress Lea Michele rocked at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards. Her makeup artist Melanie Inglessis gives us the scoop on how she created the look:

"For Lea's look, I wanted to keep her makeup simple yet flawless and classic. It had to compliment her hair and dress without overpowering it. Lea has amazing bone structure, so once she decided to keep the hair off her face in a simple ponytail, coupled with her gorgeous pink dress, we went for a "modern day" ballerina look. I didn't want a particular feature to stand out but instead I created an overall balanced look to celebrate her youth and beauty.

For her face, I wanted her complexion to be flawless and bright so I started by applying CoverGirl Simply Ageless Concealer under her eyes to make sure she looked wide awake followed by an overall base of Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation. Then, I applied MakeUp Forever HD Powder to set the look followed by a highlighter. On Lea's cheeks, I started with CoverGirl Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Plush Peach to create a warm flush of color followed by Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder to further accentuate her cheekbones.

On the eyes, I wanted something natural, but still bold enough for the red carpet, so I applied CoverGirl Smoky Shadowblast in Bronze Fire on the lid and crease and the white shade of CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast in Onyx Smoke to the browbone and inner corner of the eye. Next, I added CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Cafe Au Lait to darken the crease for a little more drama; followed by CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eyeliner in Black/Brown. To lengthen and define Lea's gorgeous lashes I applied many coats of CoverGirl LashBlast Length Mascara in Black.

Since we decided to accentuate her eyes, I wanted to go more natural and just use a slight stain for her lips. I used Kevyn Aucoin Flesh Tone Lip Pencil followed by CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain in Bit of Blossom."



GLAM OR SHAM?: Tyra Banks at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards

The Kids' Choice Awards gives celebs a chance to take fun, lively fashion risks, and this year, Tyra Banks did just that.

The model turned mogul showed off her svelte figure in a bright form-fitting red knee-length sheath dress. In a daring fashion move, Banks added a pair of bold yellow pumps and a matching clutch to the ensemble.

She completed the look with a gold choker and sleek, shoulder-length highlighted hair.

What do we think of Tyra's bold color choices? Glam or a Sham?



GLAM OR SHAM?: Jada Pinkett at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards

Whether dressy or casual, Jada Pinkett Smith is a style icon on the red carpet. She wears looks that compliment her petite frame and highlight her perpetually glowing skin.

Last night's Kids' Choice Awards was no different. The gorgeous actress hit the orange carpet in a pair of bubble shorts that elongated her legs, a white blouse, layered necklaces (with a cross, also seen on Rihanna) and Givenchy sandals (previously spotted on Amerie, below).

Most interesting was her inverted braid high ponytail. Unique and utterly gorgeous on her, in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on her look, and that unique hairstyle? Glam or a Sham?




GLAM OR SHAM?: Zoe Saldana at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards

Zoe Saldana hit the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards wearing Spring's hottest trend: dressed up denim.

The gorgeous Avatar star ruled the orange carpet in a look that screamed casual luxury: an Isabel Marant cropped jacket, Nobody dark denim skinny jeans, L'Agence white tank and Christian Louboutin peeptoe pumps.

Her adorable pink clutch and berry lips added a much-needed dose of color.

What do you think of her casual chic ensemble? Glam or a Sham?



GLAM OR SHAM?: Rihanna at 2010 Kids' Choice Awards in Pumps and Ankle Socks

Do the fashion rules apply to Rihanna? I think not.

The uber-stylish star hit the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards in a 70's-inspired look. Rihanna wore a peach, sharp-shouldered chevron print dress by Christian Dior. She accessorized with a belt, layered necklaces and...nude Brian Atwood pumps with ankle socks?

Ever the fashion risktaker, Rihanna's sparkly socks and nude pumps push the envelope...but in a good way?

Decide. Is the look Glam or a Sham?



Photos: Just Jared.


10 Minutes With: David Lopez

In the 5 years that I've lived in NYC, one friend that consistently amazes me in the realm of REAL talent would definitely have to be hairstylist David Lopez [that's him pictured above]. We met while working in retail hell and bonded over a pile of knit tops. Since then, he's been my go-to guy when it comes to all things hair...more specifically weave. He's like, the weave master and manages to take the most amazing photos of me [see below for Exhibit A]. But, he can also give you a blow out, highlights or a haircut. The beauty about David is that he can do ALL hair types. He's THE next big thing in the world of hair, so you may as well get to know him better.

Yes, this is really me. Ferocia. [I know, I gasped when I saw it, too!] Hair & photography by David Lopez.

Ferocia: Tell us about yourself.

David: Well, what do you want to know?

Ferocia: Give us the PG rated version [laughing].

David: Well, I guess my hair background. I've always been involved with hair. My first involvement was my sister's Barbie. She used to have a life size Barbie and my mom used to get her hair blown out so I wanted to try it on my sister's Barbie. I tried blowing her hair out.

Ferocia: [laughing]

David: But I didn't know that you can't blow dry plastic. So, I tried to blow dry her hair and of course it just, melted. It just made like big circles. I didn't even use the attachment [to the blow dryer]. I just held it there for a little while and then pulled it and it just made a big circle of melted, synthetic hair.

Ferocia: [dying laughing]

David: It was really funny.

Ferocia: That is a hot mess!

David: When I was 12, my mom was like you need to learn how to blow out my hair. She knew I really wanted to do it, so she let me try. She said just try it and do like you see it. So I started blowing out my mom's hair and then I started blowing out my sister's hair. I'm Puerto Rican, so we have like really tough hair. So, that started my whole obsession with "difficult hair types." I'd never really worked with caucasian hair until I was in high school when I started doing my friends' hair. At the time, funny enough, I had a girlfriend and I did her hair for prom.

Ferocia: Why is that funny?

David: Because I'm a huge homo. [sidenote: yes, ladies this cutie pie is gay as glitter; and boys, pipe down because he's got a boyfriend]

Ferocia: [dying laughing]

David: So, I did my girlfriends hair for prom and I started doing haircuts because I would watch my mom get her hair cut and I would just copy whatever I saw the hairstylist doing on my friends. I started reading books about hair cutting and trying to do the diagrams.
I never really thought I wanted to get into hair. I thought it just be something that I'd do for fun. But then I came to NY for acting school and acting really wasn't cutting it because it doesn't pay the bills. I was like I want to do hair, but I don't want to be in a salon. Then, I quickly realized that you can do hair for celebrities, music videos, television and magazines. I was like that's what I want to do.
I want to do hair for fashion, celebrities, music videos.
I would go and buy weave when I was 16 and then go into my room and try to replicate what I saw on the music videos. I would try to glue hair into my sister's head. Poor girl.

Ferocia: So your sister was kind of like your guinea pig.

David: My mom and my sister were definitely my guinea pigs. On my mom's 38th birthday, she decided she wanted to do something really crazy and said let's do something with my hair. I said, oh let me bleach it. So, I bleached it. Well, tried. It didn't really get past orange. She had a big head of orange hair and started crying and was like you have to fix this. So, our power went out because there a storm and I was like, oh shit. I drove through a Tennessee storm to Wal-Mart to buy a box of hair dye to dye it back brown.

Ferocia: Well, at least it was on your mom and not some celebrity.

David: That's why you start early. When you're 16 and not when you're 20.

Ferocia: So, what's your favorite food?

David: I love sweets. Chocolate cake. When it comes to actual food, I love macaroni and cheese. I'm a really big cheese person even though I know it's really bad for you. I love hamburgers. Like a good juicy hamburger I die over. Delicatessen in SoHo has one of the best burgers I've ever had in my entire life. It's not too big or small and so juicy. Literally when you bite into it the grease is just like pouring out of it, which I know sounds really disgusting but is actually really good.

Ferocia: No, I agree with it! Mmmmm...what's your favorite fragrance?

David: Right now? I'm actually really into the Brooks Brothers latest fragrance. It's so masculine and I love it. If I smelled this on another guy I'd be like so turned on.
That's usually how I pick my fragrances. Like if I smelled on someone else I'd get so turned on and then I'm like I'm buying it for myself. Because I'm sure someone else will smell that from me.

Ferocia: When you're not doing hair, what are you doing?

David: I'm involved with alot of other things. I do music. I play guitar and I love to write music and play. Just for fun. I taught myself last year. I played clarinet in high school.

Ferocia: OMG! Me too!

David: Shut up! I work a lot with Devachan Salon. We're writing a book called Curly Girl 2 which is the sequel to the last book called Curly Girl. I'm kind of a production assistant for that right now. Otherwise, I like to play with my mannequins at home and just try different things. Different colors, styles and extension types. I recently started doing a lot of the tape extensions so I really want to start doing that on clientele now.

Ferocia: What else would you like people to know about you?

David: I recently really got into the freelance world of hair and I started working with this company HRS [Hair Room Service] and it's run by my friend Michael who is an agency stylist. Basically what he did was to create a business where you bring the experience of the hair salon to someone's home. Our target is really a higher end clientele that's visiting NYC and don't really know where to get their hair done. It's a really cool thing because I love cutting hair and your get to do it on so many people and make so many great contacts throughout the entire world. You work on so many people from all over the world. I'm pretty sure I'm THIS close to getting signed to an agency. Which should be really exciting! I'm really blessed that my friends have really been the ones that have been able to help me. I like to see their successes, too.

Ferocia: When you met me all those years ago, did you really think that I'd be as fabulous as I am now?

David: [laughing] Of course I did! One of the first things you said to me was "I'm going to be an editor at Vogue one day" and I was like "Oh, ok" and then you went back to folding shirts.

Ferocia: [laughing] Like it was normal, right?!

David: You were like "I'm going to be an editor at Vogue. Excuse me while I go and get the SKU for this shirt."
You can always tell who's driven and who's really going to go far; especially if you live in NY. Definitely you see that drive in you and hopefully you saw it in me, too.

Ferocia: Um, yeah!

David: All those nights folding knits. And re-doing the jean wall.

Ferocia: [laughing] The jean wall! Mess. Burning, hot mess. But, seriously I think it's amazing how now I'm past actually being an editor at Vogue. I'm more like going to be a contributor and write articles for them. Living in NY you never know what's going to happen.

David: NY is a very transient city. You never know who's going to last and who's going to be here. I have so many friends that moved back to Ohio. NY is like one of those places where you just have to stick with it. If you don't have the passion for what you're going after it's not going to happen because it takes a lot out of you to be here. If you're not here for a reason then you shouldn't be here because it's just not worth it; which is why I think so many people end up leaving because they're not really passionate about what it is they want to do.
I'm starting a blog! No name for it yet, but I want it to be all about hair. I'm really excited about it.

Check out David's website [click here] and follow him on twitter (@deadbeatdavid). Word.


Boyfriend Beauty: Man Makeup?

In what appears to be another stab at maintaining his newly found celebdom, American Idol alum Adam Lambert has announced that he's launching a makeup line for men.
That's right. Only for MEN.
No idea as to when this collection is set to launch or where it will be sold, but it will include eyeliner, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss.
Yes, you read correctly. Lip gloss.
Now ladies, I don't know about you, but I don't think I'm too keen on the idea of making out with a man that has on the same amount of makeup I do. In fact, I don't think any straight man would even think about purchasing this collection. (The gay ones...well, I'm all for it as long as you look like Jujubee from Ru Paul's Drag Race after you've applied.)

What do you think guys? Will you be purchasing products from this line? Ladies, do you endorse this for your men?


Lady Gaga to Design Sunglasses (And Pics of her wearing...Abercrombie?)

The most fascinating fashion icon we've seen this century is finally setting her sights on the world of retail. Lady Gaga is allegedly launching a line of sunglasses with London brand, Linda Farrow.

The label has also worked with such big names as Alexander Wang and Matthew Williamson. 

I can only pray that the first design they create are those glamazing cigarette shades from Lady Gaga's Telephone video. And I'm sure we can expect everything from fur and hair to flashing light bulbs as part of her designs.

Edgy sunglasses are all the rage right now and Lady Gaga's sunglasses are sure to take different to the next level. What crazy designs do you see Lady Gaga creating for her line of sunglasses? Would you buy any of her shades?

Oh...and apparently, Lady Gaga used to dress like a privileged New York teen. Check out a pic of her in a, gasp, Abercrombie shirt via The Huffington Post.

I'm sure those girls had no idea that among them was a freaky fashionista who would one day wear this:

No worries. I wore shirts with huge Fubu logos in high school, so who am I to judge? (I've come a long way.)




Sexy on the Beach: Agent Provocateur Does Swim!

The most glamorous lingerie line of all is headed to the beach. Agent Provocateur recently launched its premiere collection of swimwear just in time for warm weather.

The line features one-pieces and bikinis with romantic lingerie flourishes, daringly sexy cutouts and flirty prints. Highlights include a denim-inspired bathing suit complete with belt loops, a to-die-for corset strapless suit with tie-up lacing in front and the sexiest cut-out one-piece I've ever seen in my life (above).

Check out a few pieces below and click here to shop the collection.



Pictures: Agent Provocateur

No Lindsay Lohan for Ed Hardy, but She's Starting A Handbag Line for 6126

Yesterday, the internet was abuzz with talk that Lindsay Lohan was designing a handbag line for Ed Hardy. Hilarious, but wholly untrue. The actress took to her Twitter page yesterday to clear the rumors.

Today, Lindsay's press people sent out a release to clear up the confusion. Here's the real deal:

Lindsay Lohan is creating a handbag collection for her line, 6126, with the California Bag Company. She even tapped Paz Shakked Wolf, formerly of Tarina Tarantino and Dolce & Gabbana to head the design team. Fancy.

The California Bag Company is also the licensee for Ed Hardy, hence the confusion. But the PR reps made sure to communicate that Ed Hardy and 6126 are "in no way" affiliated. At all. Here's a quote:

"The [handbag] line will continue to be sold alongside 6126 apparel to better department stores, such as Neiman Marcus, and high end specialty boutiques across the globe....as with her apparel line, the bags will be synonymous with classic glamour and will be consistent with the 6126 lifestyle."

Classic glamour and high end specialty boutiques! Take that, Ed Hardy. 

I can't wait to see the 6126 handbags, and the Fall 2010 clothing collection, scheduled to come out in July. 

And those nightmares I was having about Ed and Lindsay's tattoo handbags with sequined nippies on the front can finally come to an end.



ENTER TO WIN: Rachel Zoe and Piperlime are Looking for the Next Big Stylist

In my six years working in Fashion, I've met more aspiring stylists than there are cotton tees at The Gap. Since the industry is flooded with them, the stylists who are actually talented could use a break. And Rachel Zoe and Piperlime are offering just that with their contest for the Next Big Stylist.

Here's how it works: From March 23rd to April 5th, visit piperlime.com and style three looks using Polyvore, a virtual styling tool. Contestants must explain how and why each look was put together. 

Rachel Zoe and Piperlime will select one talented contestant who wins the following:

-A chance to work with Rachel Zoe and style a celebrity on the next season of Bravo's "The Rachel Zoe Project"
-A guest spot on Piperlime's blog answering customer's fashion questions and sharing style tips

Amazing, right? Click here to enter. And Good luck!



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