The Glamazons' Picks for Worst Dressed at the 2010 Oscars

While some celebs brought glitz and glam to the red carpet, others showed up looking a disastrous mess. There were several risks that just didn't pay off on the Oscars Red Carpet last night from Zoe's walking bathroom rug to Charlize's flower boobs. Here are just a few fashion faux pauxs that turned heads last night---in a bad way.

Zoe Saldana looked like a walking pinata. I wonder if Starbursts will fall out if we shake her dress. #Fail.

Miley Cyrus' ill-fitting corset top could easily be found at Forever 21. Not red carpet material, literally. #Fail

Charlize Theron's rosette breasts are just distracting and odd. And incidentally, they do nothing to enhance her figure. #Fail

I tried to defend it, but Ferocia is not a fan of Jennifer Lopez' Armani Prive wedding, I mean, Oscars gown. Yes, it's great to see she hasn't lost that curvy figure, but next time, don't drape it in bubble wrap and call that a dress. #Fail

I don't know whether to love or hate this Marchesa dress on Vera Farmiga. On one hand, the ruffles are striking and very avante garde. On the other, they're intense and attention-grabbing, just not for the right reasons. 

Glamazons, who else should have made our list? Do you disagree with any of our Worst-Dressed picks? Discuss.



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