GLAM OR SHAM?: Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone" Video

This video gave me life. Directed by Lady Gaga and Jonas Akerlund, it was full of surprises: catfights in the yard, a diner full of Bey and Gaga's poisoned victims (hey, you have to kill your no-good boyfriend, Tyrese, AND the witnesses...love it!), a lesbian kiss, dance sequences in bikinis, Gaga's body parts and a glorious getaway in the Pussy Wagon.

Not to mention the fashions which included soda can rollers, a telephone made of weave, smoking cigarette sunglasses, McQueen-adillos, denim cutoff panties, a leopard print catsuit, those amazing Jean-Charles de Castelbajac pieces, Chanel shades and more!

And even with all that, the very best part of the video is Bey's bad word. Can you believe Lady Gaga got Beyonce (whom she affectionately calls 'Honey Bee') to curse? Even Bey was surprised at herself. I love it!

Check out the highly-anticipated 10-minute mini-movie below and tell me what you think! Naysayers say Bad Romance is better, or that the video is too violent, too lewd (i.e. lesbianism), etc.

My two cents: It's some kind of wonderful. Gaga is revolutionizing the current drab state of videos, the same way she did fashion. And I love her for it.

UPDATE: Stylist, Nicola Formichetti, gave Roc4Life the scoop on the designers behind the look. Check out the geniuses behind our fave pieces below and click here for the full list.

Viktor & Rolf custom made chain and jumpsuit, Hous of Gaga cigarette sunglasses

Denim shorts by Franc Fernandez and Oscar Olima

Telephone Hairpiece by Danilo

Telephone Hat by Fred Butler

Studded Jacket by Search and Destroy, Vintage Shades by Chanel (not pictured)




Elle Are Sea said...

love the video, but more for its film qualities than its musical ones. since there's so much dialogue and action, i feel disconnected from the song. Gaga's so creative, though!

Dawnavette said...

I just LOVED the video!!! I watched it 3 times in a row!!! Could've done without either of them trying to act (WHY does Beyaki attempt dialouge at all??), but the fashion and choreography were sooo dope!! GaGa stays fresh, and I love her for it!!

Kiki said...

I absolutely loved it even with the copious amounts of product placement

Ashley Danielle said...

I am so disappointed in Bey for this one, but I'm not really sure why. I'm not shocked she did it, but I remember a time when she used to be proud of the fact that young girls looked up to her. In the days of "Writings on the Wall" and even her first solo project she always managed to keep a level of sophistication to her music and her character. This video is ridiculous. Art, yea, sure...we can all it that too. But I feel like she's lost herself and is conforming to what the industry thinks she should be doing. Never thought I would see the day...

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