Men's Fly Fashion: Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys' His and Her Louboutins

When I first spotted Swizz Beatz' Christian Louboutin sneakers in a picture with Reggie Bush, I was in love. The black sneakers have high-end designer written all over them. They are adorned with gold studs for a polished, luxurious look. They're flashy, bold and attention-grabbing, but stylish at the same time.

Here's Reggie showing black and gold pride after winning the Superbowl with Louboutin sneakers of the same color scheme! Kim Kardashian twit pic'd this shot after the game.

In his red carpet shot with Alicia Keys, I realized they look even better on. The gold studs are an edgy and cool addition to Swizzy's laidback ensemble. Love!

And P.S. I live for the His and Her Louboutin shoe moment! My suede fringed Louboutin sandals next to my man's Louboutin sneakers? A match made in shoe heaven.

Since the internet has been buzzing with rumors that Swizzy was collaborating with Christian Louboutin on a sneaker line, I went to the source, the amazing PR lady that reps the designer, and she denied everything. She said the black studded sneaks are from Christian Louboutin's Spring 2010 collection, but didn't reveal how involved Swizz was in the design of the sneakers, if at all.

Too bad, because a collaboration might yield more fabulous designs like the shoes below. Swizzy's creative vision (he also paints as a hobby, per his tweets) and Christian Louboutin's design expertise could make for some amazing sneakers.

Here are some pics of Swizzy's son holding Louboutin sneakers. Swizz Beatz twitpic'd them with the caption, "Dad, can you and Christian make them for kids too please?" That sounds like a collaboration to me.

I'd go as far to say the Louboutin sneakers Swizzy revealed may be the best high-end designer collaboration. Swizz/Louboutin designs are stylish, but still masculine as opposed to Kanye West's sneakers for Louis Vuitton which never really took off. (I'm not a fan. Think the tassel details and color scheme are too preppy and feminine...).

And Marc Ronson's Gucci sneakers are more masculine than Kanye's, but I like the Louboutin sneakers better. Probably because the Gucci kicks look like a walking advertisement (dogtag, signature stripe AND logo?).

What do you think of the Christian Louboutin sneakers Swizz Beatz revealed? Would you buy sneakers from Swizz and Christian Louboutin's collaboration, if there really is one? 

Do you think the sneakers we've seen so far are better than Kanye and Marc Ronson's collaborations with Louis Vuitton and Gucci, respectively? Discuss.


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