FIRST LOOK! Amy Winehouse's Designs for Fred Perry

Yes, apparently Amy Winehouse is not only alive and functional, but she's designing now too.

The troubled singer, whose uniform consists of low-cut tops, miniskirts, beehives, winged eyeliner and cigarettes, has been tapped by Fred Perry to collaborate on a clothing collection via WWD.

The collection, which debuts in October at Fred Perry Authentic boutiques, will include 17 pieces priced wholesale between $32 and $150. The look? Surprisingly chic. Expect polo shirts, pencil skirts and capri pants. Oh and lots of minidresses with a sophisticated twist thanks to plaid, gingham and argyle prints. ::breathes sigh of relief::

So how involved was Amy in the designs? Very, according to Marketing Director, Richard Martin. 

“We had three major design meetings where she was closely involved in product style selection and the application of fabric, color and styling details,” Martin said. “Amy gave crucial input on proportion, color and fit,” he added. “The range clearly has Amy’s handwriting.”

Surely, Amy's imprint is there in silhouettes that highlight boobs and legs: v-necks, button-down shirts and dangerously high hemlines. But the pieces are a lot more polished than Amy's fashion choices. Think a posh, classy, upscale version of Amy Winehouse's style. Check out the sketches below:

What a way to come back from rehab! I'm not mad at the looks (honestly, I thought it'd be much worse). Let's just pray she doesn't come out with a wig line for that awful beehive hairstyle.

Tell us: what do you think of the sketches? Would you wear Amy Winehouse's designs?




Tiffany said...

Not bad I like the first outfit.

tabitha.sukhai said...

I was just listening to Back to Black and wishing she'd make a comeback. This makes me glad. And, the clothes don't suck...Thumbs up!

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