The Kardashian Sisters Get "PerfectSkin"

AND (because if ONE Kardashian is in the news, the other two must follow suit): Khloe, Kourtney and Kim will all be the face of the skincare line PerfectSkin.
Although there are no actual products that have been launched officially in the line to the public, Kim Kardashian swears that they are the only skincare products that she uses and nothing else has come even remotely close to being as effective. According to a statement released by Dr. Ron DiSalvo, Senior Scientist at Perfect Skin Labs, the skincare system is perfect for all three of the women (despite their different skin types). The line will make its debut this spring and (if you follow Kim Kardashian's tweets like I do) I'm sure that a recent shoot she tweeted about with her sisters could have been for this. But, then again, she does have a crazy schedule and who knows what she's up to. So maybe I'm jumping to conclusions in assuming that's what it was for.
I vote that the Kardashians just create their own skincare line. If they did, would you buy their products? I would! =)

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