Lady Gaga and Kim K. Favorite, Brian Lichtenberg for Forever 21

To say Brian Lichtenberg is an innovative designer is a gross understatement. A favorite of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, he's been known to send hairy boots, plastic shoulderpieces and a Gremlin skirt down the runway. Oh yeah and that Caution yellow tape bodysuit that Lady Gaga wore in the Telephone video? That was all him.

The Los Angeles-based designer is bringing his otherworldy aesthetic to one of the most down-to-earth retail chains out there, Forever 21. 

Don't expect any Brian Lichtenberg geometric printed one-shoulder dresses like Kim Kardashian's or patchwork tights like Lady Gaga's at Forever 21 stores, though (see both below). The first designer collaboration ever for the company, Brian Lichtenberg for Forever 21 will consist of a line of graphic t-shirts.

Are you as disappointed as I am that we won't be able to walk out of the mall wearing this?

I can only pray one of the t-shirts have a picture of the Gremlin on it, in homage to Lichtenberg's glamazing Gremlin skirt, that lives in Gaga's personal closet, and retails for $2,100 (on model farthest to your left). Now, that's true 80's Fashion.

Kidding! The t-shirts will probably look more like Rihanna and Cassie's Brian Lichtenberg tanks.

Fab. What do you think of Forever 21's first collaboration? Are you looking forward to it?



Photos: Dirty Flaws.

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