A Day in My Life: Why Did I Get Married Too Premiere with Janet Jackson and Tyler Perry

Partying with Janet Jackson! Catching the movie with Maya Angelou! Sitting near Cicely Tyson! I've had quite the night, Glamazons, due to the star-studded Why Did I Get Married Too premiere that took place in NYC yesterday.

Despite the dreary, rainy NYC weather, the glitterati came out in sequined and sheer frocks, crisp suits, blazers and fitted caps (yes, Tyler Perry wore a blue Yankee cap and I love him for it) to celebrate the film. I wore a military jacket, my Jimmy Choo for H&M necklace, a black ruffled dress, a chain Chanel purse and leopard print boots. Fierce!

Here's me in the cab with the glamazing Jeannine Amber, who works at ESSENCE Magazine. Sidenote: I died inside when she, and another editor who I admire, said they thought I was a great writer! So sweet =)

When I arrived, I was pleased to learn I was sitting in the forth row, next to my girlfriend, Candice Frederick, who has a fab movie blog you have to check out, Reel Talk. Click the link for an awesome review she did of the film.

Here's a shot of Tyler speaking before the film from my seat.

I was honored to be in a room with such legends as Maya Angelou, Cicely Tyson and Janet Jackson, as well as luminaries like Al Sharpton, Tasha Smith, Sharon Leal, Malik Yoba, Lamman Rucker, Gayle King, Jessica White, Lynn Whitfield, Blind Side actor, Quentin Aaron, Ashford and Simpson, Fabolous, Ice-T and Coco and more. And everyone looked ravishing! Here are pics from the red carpet:

Love the Yankee cap and blazer look on Tyler! P.S. His journey from homeless man to one-man empire is an endless source of inspiration for me.

Janet Jackson brought along her sister, Rebbie, to see what is arguably her best acting performance to date!

Is it me or does Jill Scott look glamazing?! Her dress accentuated her curves perfectly. And I live for that hair and told her as much at the afterparty.

Tasha Smith wore a red sequined one-shoulder number that was everything! She steals every scene she's in, and looks even more beautiful in person (what is her fitness plan? I need it for Spring)

The legendary Cicely Tyson was amazing in the film. So honored to be in her presence! 

The boys of the film, Malik Yoba, Richard T. Jones and Richard Jai White plus producer Roger Bobb

Boys being boys! Lamman Rucker and Richard T. Jones joking around on the red carpet

The legendary Ashford and Simpson showed up in all their black and leopard print glory

Lamman Rucker. Yum.

The gorgeous Sharon Leal in a lovely nude, sheer and embroidered one-shoulder frock.

Jessica White, what is this? Did you get out of bed and go straight to the premiere? And get your lingerie ripped in a cat fight on the way? I cannot.

The lovely Gayle King.

Fabolous made an appearance on the red carpet.

Terri Vaughn showed her support. I told her at the bar how much my Dad and I love her character on the Steve Harvey show. She's a riot!

The Blind Side's Quentin Aaron meets Ice T's Coco

The movie was just as exciting as the red carpet! I won't give away too much except to say it was an emotional rollercoaster, vacillating between bouts of laughter (Tasha Smith is hilar!) and moving dramatic scenes (Janet Jackson's performance is epic!). Prepare for plenty of twists and turns, new famous faces (like Cicely Tyson!) and an event that changes all of their lives forever. Click here for a full review.

It was such a great experience to watch the film with the director, writer and producer, Tyler Perry, and the actors and actresses that starred in it. We clapped to show our appreciation for emotionally-charged scenes, hilarious lines and even Tasha Smith's amazing bikini bod.

At the afterparty at the Bowery hotel, I made sure to tell them each how proud I was of their performance. Well, everyone except Janet Jackson.

For her, I was truly starstruck. (I'm a Janet Jackson fanatic. I can do the Pleasure Principle dance with my eyes closed and The Velvet Rope is one of my fave albums of all time!) And the fact that they were playing the Jackson Five in the background made it all so surreal.

I was barely breathing when she squeezed past me in VIP, which says a lot because it's hard for me to get starstruck. (The only other people who could move me are a reincarnated Michael Jackson, Oprah and Stevie Wonder...the latter two, I already met. Does this mean I'm jaded?)

I nearly fainted when Janet agreed to pose for a picture. Unfortunately, I hesitated and was immediately bumrushed and elbowed by photogs from every direction! Sideeye. See the pic I was able to get of Janet Jackson and the Why Did I Get Married Too crew (Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White) below in the VIP section.

While sipping Chardonnay from the open bar, and going in on chocolate brownies, I chopped it up with Jill Scott, who was rocking the coolest hairstyle, Lamman Rucker, who is even finer in person and remembered me from when we met at The Magazine (This clearly made my night!) and Mikki Taylor, who chatted with me about her exciting plans following her retirement after thirty years at ESSENCE Magazine.

What a fabulous night! Be sure to check out the film when it debuts on April 2nd and comment here to tell me what you think.

In the meantime, here's the trailer. Enjoy!



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Charreah said...

Awesome recap! And no, you aren't jadded for meeting Stevie, Oprah and Janet, just FABULOUS!!!!

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