Men's Fly Fashion: T.I.'s Akoo Spring 2010 Lookbook

T.I.'s clothing brand, AKOO, has had the kind of public trouble lately that could rival...well, T.I. himself. They caused controversy for their risque Newark billboard that featured a woman simulating oral sex. Weeks later, they were sued by Akoo International for trademark infringement regarding the brand name.

Still, the drama hasn't deterred the label from churning out another flawless collection for the Spring 2010 season. The look imbues classic, Americana style with a hip, urban edge.

From plaid cargo shorts to cool denim to faded nautical tees, the collection offers time-honored classics with a youthful vitality. The impeccable fit and rich fabrics are unrivaled across the urban 'rapper-turned-designer' clothing landscape, with the exception of Diddy's successful brand, Sean John.

In short, the collection proves that the 'King' title from the brand's moniker, 'A King of Oneself' is truly deserved. Check it out below:

What do you think of the collection? What piece are you picking up when it hits stores?



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