No Lindsay Lohan for Ed Hardy, but She's Starting A Handbag Line for 6126

Yesterday, the internet was abuzz with talk that Lindsay Lohan was designing a handbag line for Ed Hardy. Hilarious, but wholly untrue. The actress took to her Twitter page yesterday to clear the rumors.

Today, Lindsay's press people sent out a release to clear up the confusion. Here's the real deal:

Lindsay Lohan is creating a handbag collection for her line, 6126, with the California Bag Company. She even tapped Paz Shakked Wolf, formerly of Tarina Tarantino and Dolce & Gabbana to head the design team. Fancy.

The California Bag Company is also the licensee for Ed Hardy, hence the confusion. But the PR reps made sure to communicate that Ed Hardy and 6126 are "in no way" affiliated. At all. Here's a quote:

"The [handbag] line will continue to be sold alongside 6126 apparel to better department stores, such as Neiman Marcus, and high end specialty boutiques across the globe....as with her apparel line, the bags will be synonymous with classic glamour and will be consistent with the 6126 lifestyle."

Classic glamour and high end specialty boutiques! Take that, Ed Hardy. 

I can't wait to see the 6126 handbags, and the Fall 2010 clothing collection, scheduled to come out in July. 

And those nightmares I was having about Ed and Lindsay's tattoo handbags with sequined nippies on the front can finally come to an end.



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