Lady Gaga to Design Sunglasses (And Pics of her wearing...Abercrombie?)

The most fascinating fashion icon we've seen this century is finally setting her sights on the world of retail. Lady Gaga is allegedly launching a line of sunglasses with London brand, Linda Farrow.

The label has also worked with such big names as Alexander Wang and Matthew Williamson. 

I can only pray that the first design they create are those glamazing cigarette shades from Lady Gaga's Telephone video. And I'm sure we can expect everything from fur and hair to flashing light bulbs as part of her designs.

Edgy sunglasses are all the rage right now and Lady Gaga's sunglasses are sure to take different to the next level. What crazy designs do you see Lady Gaga creating for her line of sunglasses? Would you buy any of her shades?

Oh...and apparently, Lady Gaga used to dress like a privileged New York teen. Check out a pic of her in a, gasp, Abercrombie shirt via The Huffington Post.

I'm sure those girls had no idea that among them was a freaky fashionista who would one day wear this:

No worries. I wore shirts with huge Fubu logos in high school, so who am I to judge? (I've come a long way.)



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@FashionFreeP said...

OMG!!! That's Lady Gaga!!! She looks SO much better!!! She's naturally pretty, wow the industry can do the reverse. Granted her style and artistry is fierce, but her raw beauty is not so appealing in comparison.

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