I've Worn Christian Siriano's Claw Heels for Payless...and They're Comfy!

Contrary to popular opinion, you will not twist your ankle, trip down a flight of stairs or fall flat on your face in Christian Siriano's new claw-heeled shoes for Payless. You will, however, fall hopelessly in love with them.

When they came into the office at The Magazine, I had to stop the important task of checking in items for shoots (that means taking pictures and writing down descriptions of incoming clothing samples) to fuss over the shoes like they were newborn babies.

They are strikingly similar to the late great Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 shoes that I also have the hots for. (Siriano's actually came out first, so no biting here, just shared inspiration.)

And since samples for still life shoots are almost always size 7, I tried one of the Christian Siriano for Payless shoes on. Beyond comfy. They were even more comfortable than my chunky heeled shoes (I guess the claw heel and platform provide the right balance of support).

Exhibit A: Amber Rose who seems to be doing fine walking in them on the city sidewalk.

And...it gets better...the exact same design Amber is wearing is now available at Payless! ::swoons:: Yes, the claw heeled design that debuted on the runway in Christian Siriano's Spring 2010 show is at your local Payless store!

Apparently, at first, Payless execs feared they were too fierce (read: avante garde) to sell at their store. But boy, were they wrong! The shoes were finally picked up due to customer demand and are now available for $79.99!!

I can barely contain myself. I'm like dying with excitement (and clearly buying both the watercolor and the Mary Jane platform pump). They might as well just hand them out to people on the street; it's such a steal.

This is a must-have for every summer wardrobe. I'm just drooling imagining the possibilities of a neutral draped dress with those stunning watercolor pumps. God help me if Payless doesn't have my size!

What do you think of the shoes---and that phenomenal price point?! Are you going to pick up a pair?

Oh, and I had to include this pic too because it's so hilarious. Christian Siriano is crazy and I love him.




Elle Are Sea said...

i definitely want! thanks for bringing it to my attention, glamazons! :)

Andrea said...

Wow! Can't believe those are at Payless! I may need to make a trip, the watercolor heels are more my speed...

JerzeyGrrl said...

Gonna try adnd buy those today. FIERCE!

IgboBaby said...

Those are so hot...They're almost out ladies!

Ondrea said...

Those heels are sick! I love Amber Rose,lol.

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