Paris Fashion Week: Chanel's Faux Fur Frenzy

Karl Lagerfeld has named himself the latest spokesperson on Global Warming. His first demonstration for the cause? Chanel's Fall 2010 collection, which was fit for an Ice Queen and her Abominable Snowman, and displayed around a melting iceberg from Sweden.

The freezing weather and sea of melting ice was apropos for a line where almost every piece was shrouded, draped or lined with faux fur. But this isn't just any faux fur collection---this is Coco Chanel on holiday in Aspen.

Tailored tweed suits with fur cuffs, fur-trimmed leather jackets, furry pants, denim jackets with fur collars and shaggy boots are only a few examples of Karl's innovative use of the material. He even ingeniously paired luxurious white fur with an embroidered sheer top for a glorious mix of inner and outerwear. Brilliant!

The collection was peppered with stunning knitwear dresses with patchwork prints and traces of menswear in classic white shirts and ties. Sheer even made an appearance on a turtleneck sweater.

The accessories were fit for the Ice Age as well with ice jewelry and white fur chained purses that provide the perfect compliment to wintry tweeds.

What do you think of the collection? I loved it!

Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to educate the world about Global Warming...while outfitting us for the current cold. Genius!




Beautylicious said...

PETA get your buckets ready!

Coutura said...

Hahaha! Apparently, it's all faux. Great job, Karl!

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