The Beauty of A Brazilian Mani

Hey Glamazons! I recently visited the Maria Bonita Salon & Spa for a fun evening of beauty treatments and got my first Brazilian manicure. Yes, it's true. As long as I've been working in the beauty world (at least 5 years now), I've never had one; and, I must say, I'm rather impressed. So far, so good.
It began as just another manicure, but I knew it would be different when the manicurist began to go IN on my cuticles (meaning that I don't think they've ever been pushed back as far in my twenty odd years of existence). It seemed strange at first that she was doing so, but I noticed that it made my nails seem longer and more shapely. However, when she started to paint my nails, it was all outside of the lines. I mean, just the sloppiest nail painting job I'd ever witnessed! But for some odd reason I didn't go off on her (like my first mind told me to) because she looked so at ease while she was doing it. She pulled out this brown stick and went around the edges of each nail to clean up the messy paint job and then removed the excess polish on my skin with nail polish remover. Voila! Every centimeter of my nails were painted.
I've never experienced a manicure so messy yet precise; and the best part is that the polish has yet to chip!
Have any of you ever had a Brazilian manicure? If so, what did you think of it?


Charmaine said...

I haven't had one but I'd love to give it a try!

FunkyStarkitty50 said...

Never heard of it until now. Learn something new everyday. Now, I want one!!

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