Call the Glambulance: Lindsay Lohan to Design for Ed Hardy

We're scratching our heads too, Lindsay. Why? Because a rumor has hit the internet that you have moved from designing poorly for Emanuel Ungaro to penning a handbag line for Ed Hardy.

There goes breakfast.

This is a disaster (c) Beyonce. I'm not a Lindsay Lohan or Ed Hardy fan (the latter may have something to do with the Jersey Shore cast) so the two fashion offenders together is just too much ugg for me to handle.

Lindsay Lohan's design skills are questionable, to put it nicely (though in all fairness, she makes decent leggings). But that's not even the biggest problem here. What's worse is that Ed Hardy is just so six years ago. Kind of like the heart sequined pasties Lindsay sent down the Emanuel Ungaro runway. Dated.

While the thought of the three handbag collections they've threatened to design scares me, Ed Hardy and Lindsay Lohan are a perfect match---a match made in Fashion Hell---but a match nonetheless.

And seriously, I don't hate the girl. Actually, I agree with Micah Jesse in that she needs help and a genuine support group around her. But can't she just stick to acting?

What do you think of the collaboration? Am I being harsh? Are you excited for the new handbag line?



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