Yes, you read right.

What was once considered a Fashion 'No-No' is now the look du jour. Designers are churning out heavy wooden clog shoes just in time for Spring!

As the weather breaks (finally, in NYC! Woohoo!), prepare to see more heavy, wooden shoes stomping around the streets. The look first made a resurgence on the Chanel runway during the Spring 2010 collection.

Now, they've filtered down into mainstream stores with both flats and chunky wooden heels flying off the shelves. We've also spotted clogs on some of our fave celebs like one of the Olsen twins.

My boss at The Magazine detests clogs, and I understand why. They're heavy and cumbersome...and just aren't cute (my opinion). I won't wear them, even if everybody tells me they're hot. This is one trend I don't plan to partake in...though some of the clogs (below) are cuter than even I expected...

What do you think, Glamazons? Would you wear them?



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