The Glamazons Get a Shout-out from Rachel Roy!

Hey Glamazons,

We just learned that the Rachel Roy website picked up a quote from your favorite fashion/beauty bloggers! Yes, The Glamazons are quoted speaking about the new Rachel Roy and Estelle jewelry collection on the official Rachel Roy website, underneath a header that reads "Coveted by Fashion Insiders for Months."

The quote reads: "breathless anticipation for the debut of their jewelry line has only mounted - and with good reason" from our First Look! post.

Why is this a big deal? Well, true Glamazon readers know that I, Coutura, have been obsessing, following, praising and critiquing Rachel Roy's work since the blog started back in 2008. (I adore Rachel Roy's fashions, seriously...it's really a hopeless addiction that costs me tons of money at sample sales).

That said, I'm so happy the great people at Rachel Roy read our blog, and shared our thoughts with the world! So unbelievably cool!

Now if only they could send over that gorgeous velvet skirt from Rachel's Fall collection (hey, a girl can dream!)



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