Julianne Hough Shares Her Skincare Woes (And Yes She Really Does Use ProActiv!)

You know, it's one thing to sign a contract that says you're going to endorse a product and it's another to not only endorse but USE the product that you're supposedly endorsing! While some of you may be scratching your heads and going "What in the heck is Ferocia talking about?!" let me clarify by saying what I said above makes perfect sense; AND that Julianne Hough, Proactiv spokesperson really actually uses the products! (Hence she has that amazing skin!)

How do I know? Well, only because I sat down and listened to her talk about it! Myself (along with a gaggle of other bloggers and editors) were invited to have a little chit-chat with the Dancing With The Stars dancer (which basically means you're allowed to ask her anything!) While I do admit that I'm not like a huge fan of Julianne, I did love her outfit, sweet disposition and that super cute dog of hers! (Outfit consisted of a David Meister dress and Salvatore Ferragamo heels and dog is a cavalier king charles named Lexi.)

One of the first things out of Julianne's mouth is that she's always had an ongoing battle with acne.

"I felt like everyone was looking at my zits, not looking at my eyes so it hurt my self esteem a little bit," she said.

Julianne described how her lifestyle of sweating up a storm while dancing and wearing a ton of makeup made her adapt a strict cleansing routine to clear her skin. She also said that getting in the routine of using Proactiv daily helped her to effectively get rid of her acne. (Can you even believe that she called the company herself to tell them that the stuff really works and thank them?!)

She uses the three step regimen from Proactiv daily but her favorite product is the Refining Mask (which also happens to be mine as well!) And I can't forget that she also loves the Makeup Wipes, which is another of my faves. (Can you tell that Julianne and I have sooo much in common?! hahaha)

What do you think of the Proactiv product line? Anyone else out there swear by it like Julianne and all of the other spokespeople do?!


NARS Officially Opens First Flagship Boutique In NYC!

Hey Glamazons! While I may have been busy primping and preening myself back to glam girl status today (Side note: We won't even discuss the atrocity of my roots before my visit to see my hair colorist Adrian Wallace over at the Rita Hazan Salon!) NARS founder Francois was busy officially opening his new West Village boutique.

Located here in New York at 413 Bleecker Street (because where else in America would you put such an amazing thing?!) the 525 square-foot space boutique boasts a black and white color scheme along with swipes of a glossy red (which just so happens to be the same shade of NARS' Jungle Red lipstick). There are floor-to-ceiling mirrors inside as well as three screens that will display various films created by the brand.

As Coutura previously reported, Francois collaborated with his long-time artistic collaborator and friend Fabien Baron (that's him pictured below inside the boutique with Francois) to create the design of the store. As to why he chose to put his boutique in the West Village, Francois had this to say:

"I love Bleecker Street. It's a cool, fun area with great shopping. The boutique is very intimate and chic and the exterior is very old West Village, which is nice. The Bleecker Street storefronts are extremely charming."

The store will house the full NARS cosmetics product line and special products that include a 413 Bleecker Bento Box and 413 Bleecker Pure Matte lipstick (both pictured below). It officially opens to the public tomorrow (2/10) and I definitely plan on stopping by! That is if I'm not passed out in the front of Lincoln Center from the exhaustion of flitting back and forth backstage to Fall 2011 shows in heels...ugh.

What do you think of the inside of the store, Glamazons? And who plans on nabbing the special limited edition lip products?! (That 413 Bleecker Pure Matte lipstick looks amaze, right?!)



Kim Kardashian Gets Kicked Off Prince's Stage...in Alexander McQueen [Video]

Okay, okay. I know this post is totally about Kim Kardashian's unfortunate Prince moment, but I have to dish: I had another moment of my own yesterday!

I was invited to cover his charity press conference for the site I work for, and got these amaze candy bars with his face on them from Dylan's Candy Bars, and a keepsake book of his Welcome 2 America tour.

Even better? The press was treated to a behind-the-scenes look at his show during soundcheck! Prince came out in a black velvet sweatshirt, white furry boots, skinny jeans and a white hat (so casual chic) and practiced two songs with his phenomenal band. It felt exactly like those behind-the-scenes DVDs (like Michael Jackson's and Beyonce's) but live.

I grew up listening to live music (everyone in my family is a musician) and all of Prince's hits---and never imagined one day I would see Prince perform them in an empty stadium literally steps away from me! It truly was a special moment that I'll never forget!

The awesome concert he was gearing up for took place last night at Madison Square Garden. Cee-Lo opened (how amazing!) and Prince took the MSG stage for the last time during his Welcome 2 America tour in a gold sequined jumpsuit.

While performing, he called folks on the stage to dance and Kim Kardashian was one of his picks. In a fitted Alexander McQueen printed dress, she looked beautiful but when it came time to dance, she froze.

The star tweeted this about her funk faux paux:

LOL - I'm not mad at her for freezing. Like I said, Prince is an icon with a magical presence onstage. At his show, I cried, screamed, danced, even stopped breathing at points so I totally get it. I wouldn't freeze though, I would do the bump until my hip fell off instead.

Oh - it's hilarious that before Kim comes onstage, Prince says she might be too sexy and when she doesn't move, he's over her. LOL, he's the man! Check the video below:

And here's Kim's latest tweet, love that she has a sense of humor about the whole thing!

What do you think of Kim's Prince moment?



VIDEO: Vogue Italia's The Black Allure Featuring Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Sessilee Lopez and More

If you loved Vogue Italia's stunning February 2011 "Black Allure" spread, you will die for this video featuring Ajak Deng, Aminata Niaria, Arlenis Sosa, Chanel Iman, Georgie Badiel, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Kinee Diouf, Lais Ribeiro, Melodie Monrose, Rose Cordero and Sessilee Lopez in all their sultry, elegant glory.

Illuminated by dim, smoky lighting with Nina Simone's hypnotic rendition of "I Put a Spell On You," blaring in the background, the stunning models give the camera their most seductive and alluring poses.

Showcasing brilliant jewels by Fendi and luxurious gowns by Jil Sander and Lanvin, each model is breathlessly beautiful and enticing with Joan Smalls, Ajak Deng and Chanel Iman commanding the spotlight. Take a look: don't you love it?



Source: Beauty Is Diverse

Richie Rich Selling Tickets to His Fashion Week Show; Five Things You Can Expect For Your Money

Anticipation for Fall 2011 Fashion Week has reached a fever pitch. Designers are dishing on their inspiration and hosting fashion week contests. NARS has announced their first-ever boutique to open on Day One. And Richie Rich (above, in the flesh, with the Glamazons) is prepared to top all of that---well, except maybe the NARS part. And you're not surprised, are you?

Fashion's rebel savant is selling, I repeat selling tickets to his fashion show. The tickets will cost you $35, and proceeds will benefit DOSomething.org and Cookies for Kids' Cancer. Love the charity angle, but has this even been done before?

Richie Rich had this to say about his ticket buyers who are presumably attending Fashion Week for the first time via Fashion Indie: "It’s fun when people who haven’t experienced it get a chance to and see what it’s about. And it’s as much fun to watch the crowd as it is to watch the show."

I'm sure people will pay for it, and it'll be worth it.

I remember my first Richie Rich show during the Fall 2009 season. There were drag queens, pretty boys, violinists, half-naked men, a Pam Anderson appearance, a Kat Deluna performance, an Ice-T and Coco sighting and so much more. In essence, it was a circus. And I had never felt more at home. One of my fave shows ever ever ever!

So here, in short, are 5 things you'd get for your money if you bought those tickets...in addition to the fashion, of course:

1. Really, really attractive attendees.

2. Musical performances---and by music, I mean pop culture (Kat Deluna) and classical (violinist)...also, there may or may not have been an opera singer involved.

3. No one storms the catwalk quite like a drag queen. Witness it in person.

4. Almost Naked Boys. Always a good thing.

5. Random Yet Inexplicably Exciting Celeb Sightings Sidenote: Yes I met Ice-T and Coco and felt like part of the family!

As you can see, it'll be worth every dime...but since when do shows charge? And will he start a precedent for fashion shows you can attend through Ticketmaster?

And would you pay to see his show? If you could pick a designer to buy tickets to, who would it be? I'm sure you can guess who I'd pay to see...yep, Chanel hehe.



TRY THIS: BareEase & Cream Offers Extra Numbing 'Down Under'

Hey Glamazons! Alright, so maybe I was a little bit "extra" with that title, but it's true: this product was created specifically to numb your "lady parts" in order to create a more comfortable bikini waxing experience for you (and just in time for Valentine's Day!).

I can't even begin to tell you the number of ladies that have come to me complaining about the painfulness of their bikini wax seshes, but I'm sure the creator of this product, Dr. Edna Ma, M.D. (that's her pictured above...isn't she cute!?) hears it even more! (Hence she created this nifty little numbing kit.)

Here's how it works: you simply rub the cream onto the parts that are getting waxed and then put on the rubbery thong underwear. (I know, sounds like a weird material (latex!) but it's not irritating or uncomfortable. I only know because I tried it on myself to see hahaha)
Then, you let the cream sit for about 30-45 minutes and remove. The numbing effect lasts for about 15-20 minutes after the cream is removed, so I suggest that you calculate in the time that it will take you to get to the waxing location so you can remove it there and then hop right onto the table.

Who knew that a pain free waxing experience could be so easy to achieve? You can also use this before laser hair removal sessions as well!

Dr. Ma is a practicing Anesthesiologist and an expert at pain management, so the blue numbing cream formula she created actually really numbs! (I haven't tried it "down there" yet, but it did make the testing area that consisted of the skin on the top part of my hand numb.)
The cream contains Lidocaine, which is the most widely used anesthetic at the maximum of 4% concentration that can sold over-the-counter, as well as aloe and jojoba to soothe and moisturize the skin.

The BareEase & Cream kit retails for $24.99 and comes in two sizes, S/M and M/L. You can purchase it online at barease.com, select spas, salons and boutiques nationwide.

What do you think of this product, Glamazons? Anyone out there dying to get their hands on it? Please do share your experience with the kit here after using it to let me know how it works for you!



Countdown to Fall 2011 Fashion Week: Rebecca Taylor Inspiration #NYFW

Rebecca Taylor is the reigning queen of flirty and feminine dressing. Her Fall 2011 collection promises to give longtime fans of the brand just that---with a renewed romantic twist. 

Taylor's inspiration this season comes from the City of Lights, particularly the Parisian night clubs of the 1970's. Think decadence, glamour, romance and adventure.

Check out a quote from the designer below and sketch above. 

Rebecca Taylor
“Fall 2011 is inspired by dreamy illusive paintings, blurred images and sparkling lights, conjuring images of dimly lit nights in the chic Parisian night clubs of the 70’s.  Dresses in luscious prints revealed beneath rich, smokey colored shearlings, found beading and lace patched over delicate printed dresses, lace appliqu├ęs on silk tees under shimmering lurex sweaters, cocooning from the cold and ready to set forth on adventures in the city.”

Tres chic! Are you excited to see the new collection (like I am)?



GLAM OR SHAM?: Khloe Kardasian and Lamar Odom Launch Unisex Fragrance [Commercial]

There's a new addition to the Kardashian family's tidal wave of business-savvy beauty ventures: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are launching a new fragrance called Unbreakable by Khloe and Lamar.The juice is the first-ever unisex celebrity fragrance. (So you and your boo could share bottle.)
Ferocia first heard about the scent in August at a Casio event where Lamar, the face of the G-Shock GX56 timepiece, first mentioned the fragrance.
Khloe announced the deets on her official Web site saying : “This project has been in the works for months now and we were involved every step of the way to make sure the fragrance was a true fusion of ourselves and our personalities. We’ve both been wearing it every day since its completion and I can’t stop smelling myself LOL. People literally stop me and ask what I’m wearing and the fact that I can say my own fragrance blows my mind!”
The optimist in me says “Aww how cute is that?” But the skeptic in me says “Another celebrity fragrance?! When will the madness stop?” Either way it's uber exciting to see the pivotal role that the beauty industry has on innovation and branding within pop culture.
There’s a fine line between genuine appreciation for creating a fragrance that you put your blood, sweat and tears into (maybe not literally like our girl  Gaga but you know what I mean) and just having your name plastered on the packaging for publicity. 

Now, I’m not saying that these are Khloe and Lamar’s intentions---especially because Khloe said they were very hands-on with the creative process of the fragrance.

The scent will be available on February 12 exclusively at Perfumania. Khloe and Lamar will host a meet and greet at the Perfumania store in the Florida Mall. So, if you're in the Orlando area you should stop by.

Khloe's my favorite Kardashian and I like her and Lamar as a couple, so I'm looking forward to sampling the scent. 

Are you feeling the whole tag-team collaboration between husband and wife? Will this fragrance be on your Valentine's Day gift list? Talk to me Glamazons! 

Oh and check out the commercial for the fragrance...umm, I'm at a loss for words with this one so I'll let you critique: Glam or Silly Sham?

Ciao Bellas,

Glamazon Margo 

Get Sexy Guide: 15+ Valentine's Day Date Night Outfits

Every year, Valentine’s Day encompasses my two favorite things: fashion and boys. On February 14th, I will be in the throes of Fashion Week after which I’m looking forward to some R&R with my special someone (read: I won’t have the energy for a movie or dancing out in the city; yay for gifts, flowers, cuddling and romantic films he has to watch for one night without complaining!).

If you are planning to hit the town, allow me to introduce you to the feminine, romantic, breathlessly sexy looks that just scream date night. Because, afterall, if he spent all that time searching for the perfect gift and waiting in line at the supermarket for flowers, balloons and chocolate, the least you could do is look incredible, right?

Below, 15+ looks for dinner, dancing and everything in between.

Don't you just love dates? Happy Valentine's Day, glamazons!




Get Fab For Super Bowl Sunday: 12 Party Outfit Ideas

Some people think football and fashion don't mix, but I beg to differ and Superbowl Sunday is the best time to  merge the two. Whether you're munching on hot wings at a house party or sipping a cosmo at a sports bar, being fashionable and chic is always an option. (Yes, even during game time!)

For all of the glammed-out sports junkies, this is the game we've been waiting for.  In lieu of the battle between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers for the championship title in America's flagship sport we have a few style tips to take your Superbowl XLV look trough the Red Zone and straight to touchdown territory in the End Zone.

Are you excited to get fab for the Superbowl festivities? Who are you rooting for?

Ciao Bellas!

Glamazon Margo

Show Your Superbowl Spirit With Victoria's Secret PINK's NFL Collection

After 16 football games over a 17-week period, the main event is finally here. Glamazons, it's Superbowl time! 

Victoria's Secret PINK knows that some of the most die-hard football fans happen to be fierce femmes. That is why they have created an adorable NFL collection. Whether you want to flaunt your team colors in a pair of logo-clad undies a, a studded hoodie, or a vintage football jersey-inspired T-shirt, they've got you covered.

I have a little bad news for Green Bay Packers fans out there, only one half of this year's Superbowl participants will have gear available and that is the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Bummer, right?)

Items for 13 of all 32 teams, such as the Cowboys, Jets, Patriots, Redskins and others are currently available in stores and online. The full PINK NFL collection is set to launch this Fall. Prices range from $10.50 - $54.50.

Shop here:

I'm already planning my game day gear and it looks like I might have to take a trip to Victoria's Secret today! (Does a little shimmy singing "black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow!")

Are you excited about the collection? Will you be adding the PINK NFL collection to your game day?

Ciao Bellas!

Glamazon Margo


Countdown to Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week: Tracy Reese Inspiration

We've seen celebrated designer Tracy Reese offer everything from punk-rock princess with her Fall 2010 collection to 70's laidback luxe with her Spring 2011 collection, all to critical acclaim. For Fall 2011, she returns to her ladylike roots with graphic and floral prints. What's new? She introduces new structured silhouettes in neutral, understated tones characterized by pops of metallic and rich color. Take a look at her inspiration sketch above and a quote below.

Tracy Reese

“Fall 2011 unfolds in rich hues, sculptural shapes and interesting textural combinations.  Each look has some point of brilliance – a shot of metallic, antique copper and silver, or a vibrant pop of raspberry, aqua or amber – breathing new life into muted neutral tones of toffee, black, brown and gray. Tactile pairings and more voluminous silhouettes enhance 3-dimensionality; a scarf-cape is paired with a pleated maxi skirt in rich curry, with a jade clutch for a color burst. Graphic and floral prints remain strong for the season, adding a spark of individuality to fall ensembles,” says designer Tracy Reese

What do you think about Tracy Reese's latest direction? Are you excited to see her collection?

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