BREAKING BEAUTY NEWS: Nars to Launch First NYC Stand Alone Store During Fashion Week

I knew this was going to be an exciting Fashion Week! On the first day of NYFW, February 10th, NARS will open the doors of its first-ever stand alone store, located in NYC. There goes my freelance writing paycheck!

Located on 413 Bleecker Street (yes, by Marc Jacobs, best shopping area ever), the store will kick off with a huge celebration, which we hope will include some amaze discounts. To start, Francois Nars tapped famous fashion photographer, Fabien Baron to design a limited-edition logo for the launch via Racked.com. Isn't it awesome?

There's more. The color scheme in the interior of the store was inspired by Jungle Red, one of the first NARS lipstick shades EVER (shown above). So...we're totes going to get a lifetime supply of Jungle Red lipstick at the opening party, right? A girl can dream.

Expect more limited-edition products for the store. Francois Nars dished in July to WWD: "I want the store to be special and interactive. I will do special items which will only be available in the store — palettes, maybe a nail polish called Bleecker Street — and I want to sell DVDs of my favorite movies. Marc [Jacobs] may do accessories. It’s going to be great." Indeed.

Are you excited for the launch (and the other stores to come)? New Yorkers, are you running in heels to the new NARS store?




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Dana said...

(screaming with excitement) Yes, I LOVE Nars! It is my favorite makeup brand and I'm so happy he chose NYC because he easily could have chose Paris since France is where the line originates.

Girl, this news made my week!

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