Lady Gaga Covers Vogue US in Haider Ackmermann Jumpsuit and Pink Wig: Magazine Glam

A new star has been added to the American Vogue cover girl rotation: the Queen of Pop (and my personal favorite) Lady Gaga. Upon seeing the new cover on Twitter, I shrieked and squealed (as is a Glamazon tradition) out of delight and well, shock.

Lady Gaga is quite rebellious, edgy and bold to join the ranks of (snore) Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Blake Lively, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and the like, essentially elite Hollywood (save a celebrated Beyonce and Michelle Obama moment). But this could be a sign Vogue is joining our pop culture obsession, and the present. SN: Rumor also has it Rihanna has an upcoming Vogue cover. Interesting...

On her lovely cover, Gaga wears a Haider Ackmermann Spring 2011 jumpsuit in blush, inside she goes for his gown in brilliant blue.

I think it's BEYOND stunning. Sure the bare makeup, pink bob and elegant jumpsuit isn't exactly typical Gaga (I mean, she's not naked covered in meat or wearing a shotgun bra) but it's not typical Vogue either. It seems Anna Wintour and Lady Gaga met somewhere in the middle. I would've loved something futuristic, structured and avante garde but that'd be more reminiscent of Elle Magazine, don't you think?

Toned-down Gaganess aside, I think the cover is beautiful and am excited to see more pictures (and finally, hear Born This Way!). What do you think of the cover?



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