VIDEO GLAM: Rihanna S&M [Full Video]

Wow. From walking Perez Hilton like a dog to simulating oral sex with a banana to "kissing" a woman tied up in her chamber, Rihanna truly pushes the envelope in her latest video for S&M, directed by Melina.

There are plenty of memorable style moments as always like her red afro (which looks super cute with her funky outfit when she's tied up and squirming), her Prada stole, the blue mascara she wears with that latex outfit and the newspaper gown (reminds me of Sex and the City's Carrie's iconic dress).

That gown in particular appears in one of the first scenes where covered in plastic, Rihanna is forced to host a press conference and phrases "Daddy Issues" "Slut" and "Barbados" flash across the screen. By the end, she's successfully turned the tables, making the press her prisoners. Pretty cool concept.

Watch the colorful video below. Do you love it? Do you think it's too suggestive? Speak!




1 comment:

Dana said...

It's the new Rihanna. I'm not at all surprised by her antics here. Love how colorful the video is. Umm, am I the only one who not not know what S&M stands for?!

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