Mariah Carey to Promote Her Collection on HSN Again Plus She Reveals Sex of Twins

Mommy-to-be Mariah Carey isn't letting her pregnancy slow her down. In fact, the expecting mother is gearing up to appear on HSN again on February 11th to promote The Mariah Carey Collection, which includes jewelry, shoes and perfume.

For her last appearance, she was the cutest pregnant lady on the studio couch with her feet up. This time, she gets an even more comfortable locale: her home. Makes sense as she's moving closer to the due date, and those twins can't be easy to carry around all day.

Speaking of the twins, Mariah announced she and Nick are having a boy and a girl (swoon!). How adorable! P.S. Everyone doubted them as a couple but I'm so thrilled for them. It seems like they're truly happy together and Nick's going to be the most fun, playful Dad to those kids. I love it!

Anyway, back to the collection. Of course, the jewelry is adorned with butterflies and admittedly, I'm not 100% crazy about that motif (though I loved The Butterfly album, lol).

What got my attention is the footwear---Mariah's known for her love of heels---and the gold platform sandals and fur-lined boots are fun and glamourous. She'll also be pushing her extensive collection of fragrances, Lollipop Bling, Forever, Luscious and M by Mariah Carey during her appearance.

Check out some pieces from the collection of perfume, jewelry and footwear that she'll be promoting on HSN below.

And here's a hilarious video mashup of MC's first appearance via Gawker.

LOL - everyone has to repeat themselves a hundred times when doing TV. We understand, Mariah!

Will you tune in to HSN on February 11th?



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