GLAM OR SHAM?: Rihanna's Red Long Weave PLUS A Gallery of All Her Red Hair Moments

There's no hiding that Ferocia and I are not fans of Rihanna's bright red hair, even when she first came out with the red short cut.

But now that she's let it go longer, the blogs claim she's vacillating between looking like the girl on the Wendy's logo to a grown-up Raggedy Ann.

LOL, that's terrible. Admittedly, when she pairs it with the right outfit like her Dolce & Gabbana polka dot jumpsuit, it looks bright and fun.

But now that she's went long, she looks pretty insane.

Now, I love Rihanna (she put on an amazing concert at Madison Square Garden) and the latest track off her album Loud, What's My Name with Drake, is my new favorite song.

But I find her latest hairstyle deeply disturbing. She has taken her bright red hair to unprecedented lengths with a long, straight weave and it looks more costume-y than ever. My vote is for the red to atleast be toned down; a deeper, more burgundy color could look gorgeous. 

And though Rihanna's a beautiful girl no matter how you style her hair, I prefer her with shorter locks to show off her facial features, don't you?

Cast your vote on Rihanna's new straight long weave. Is it GLAM or a SHAM?

Give your verdict on Rihanna's new long red weave!
Obviously GLAM
A dusty SHAM

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And check out a gallery of all her red hair moments.




Anonymous said...

yo your girl is a hot mess with that clown hair. In other news, I am thrilled that spanks can now be worn with boomboom shorts for the ultimate fashion statement. YesSir!

Melissa said...

I have to agree the longer the hair gets the worse it looks. She needs to do something with that hair. Not liking it whatsoever.

Girly Tomboy said...

I agree - if Rihann has went with a burgundy or auburn hair color like Trin or Keyshia Cole, I'd approve. But this is just ridiculous!

Portia said...

Clearly, she's someone's muse/puppet so she just does what they say. She's a very well put together product and she has a new album coming out. I still think she looks like Charli Baltimore circa 1999...I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Aww come on. That is the worst picture in the world. When she's not dressed like a hobo, the hair is cute.

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