What's Your Skincare Regimen? + Check Out Carrie Underwood's New Olay Ad

Hey Glamazons! I must first apologize for my absence. To say that I've been swamped lately is a serious understatement. But, I must say that no matter how busy I get, I always make time to take care of my skin. Sounds really superficial to say, but your looks will carry you a long way in this city and I plan on making sure that mine stay that way.
Side note: I will try my hardest to stray away from plastic surgery because it seems super painful, but let's all be honest here. If you had the money to do it once you get to a certain age, wouldn't you at least look into it?! I certainly do plan on it. And won't be afraid to talk about it later hahaha
OK, so back to my original point of skincare: I bring this up because Coutura sent me a BBM the other day asking questions about what type of products she should be using on her face and that it was kind of hard to navigate your way through the world of skincare. (Especially when you're not really into it in the first place!) However, like myself, she's dedicated to making sure that she looks amazing for the rest of her life, so she's not afraid to delve into the world of eye creams, serums and night creams.
I don't know if all of you were aware, but country singer Carrie Underwood has been named the new face of Olay. (The pic you see above will be her first ad for the brand and debuts in magazines February 2011.) What I thought most interesting about the article was that Underwood was tapped as part of the brand's plan to reach females ages 25-35 that aren't currently using Olay or any other skincare brand for that matter.
This made me think "OMG! What woman in her twenties/early 30's doesn't use skincare products?!" And then I thought that everyone isn't a skincare freak like me and (although I have no definitive numbers to back this up) I'm sure that there are plenty out there that don't.
Are you one of them? And, if you are a skincare freak like me, what do you use?
Also, what do you think of Underwood's first Olay ad? I think it looks great. I mean, if only we could all look that amazing after washing our face, right?! hahaha
Let's compare notes below in the comments section!


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