FOUND: The Perfect Pink-Lipped-Side-Swept-Bun-Hair-Do Look (Courtesy of Natalie Portman)

Um, can we please just pause and thank the beauty gods for giving us this radiant vision of beauty known as Natalie Portman?!
OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's discuss this glamazing look the actress rocked last night at IFP's 20th Annual Gotham Independent Films, shall we?

The makeup is actually surprisingly very simple! Obvs she's wearing hot pink lipstick, but not so obvs are her subtly flushed cheeks (i.e. a lighter shade of pink). Of course, her eyebrows are perfectly groomed, but it's the winged eyeliner that elongates her peepers perfectly...love!

Equally as impressive is that messy side hair bun and it looks so natural that I swear anyone could do it! (Just check out this close look above! But, from working at The Magazine, I know for sure that it usually takes hair stylists a hot minute to create those messy, undone looks.)

And (I just had to point this out) she looks dramatically different from her debut Tuesday night at the Black Swan premiere. I get that she was going for the whole goth beauty look, but that shade of red paired with those curls just make her look old. Or maybe it's just because she's not smiling?

Which look do you prefer, Glamazons? And who else plans on stealing that pink-lipped-side-swept-bun look for themselves?!


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