Glamazon-Approved: The 2011 Ford Edge with My Touch Technology

Did you ever think you'd see the day when you could say "Restaurants" out loud and a list of restaurants in your vicinity would pop up on your car screen? How about a time when you could say "Beyonce" and similar music would start playing on your radio?

Welcome to 2011, ladies and gentlemen, the year of our newest obsession: the 2011 Ford Edge. Thanks to the innovative My Touch Technology, you can now interact with your vehicle, and it obeys! Yes glamazons, tell the Ford Edge what you want and boom, it provides. Wish men would act that way!

Ferocia and I had the pleasure of test driving the car in Atlanta at the 2011 Ford Edge Media Ride and Drive event.

We initially loved the look and drive of the vehicle which looks like an SUV but gives a smooth, comfortable and fast ride. But the My Touch technology won us over.

We were amazed at how convenient and easy it is to use. You can handle everything in the car one of three ways: through the touch screen, the controls on the wheels or the sound of your voice!

Touch Screen

The 8 inch LC touch screen is tailored to a fab lifestyle with sections for phone, navigation, climate and entertainment (what more do you need?).

Controls on Steering Wheel

And if you're guilty of paying attention to the screen and not the road (I am!), all the controls are on the steering wheel, which totally saves you from fumbling for your ipod and phone.

The Sound of Your Voice
If you don't feel like touching at all, just voice a command and the My Touch technology will make it happen. Trust us, we tried it in Atlanta and it totally worked.

Some other amazing features?
Media Hub

There's also a media hub where you can plug in your laptop and ipod and write, blog, catch up on the latest news or just surf the web. Yeah, it's like they had me in mind when they built this car.

Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert

There's a feature that helps detect vehicles in your blind spot and traffic approaching from the side when you're pulling out of a parking space. How's that for safe?


Parents will like this. Scared to death when your teen takes your Ford Edge out for a drive? You can designate a key for your teen that can limit the car's top speed and audio volume, making speeding and blasting music impossible.

Check out video at the Ford Edge Media Ride and Drive event featuring The Glamazons and journalists from Bossip.com, Uptown Magazine and more:

Tell us what you think of the new technology and the 2011 Ford Edge.



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nolifewhatsoev said...

OMG why do I love you girls?! This is on my list to purchase Summer 2011. I can't wait!

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