FIRST LOOK!: Rihanna's New Fragrance, Reb'l Fleur

Hey Glamazons! So, remember when I confessed my undying love for Katy Perry's new fragrance Purr and how Katy spilled the beans about Rihanna's upcoming signature scent?! (Yeah, they're total BFF's, so of course Katy couldn't talk about her new fragrance without mentioning RiRi's.)
While it may not exactly be pronounced like the english version that I previously reported "Rebel Flower," I predict that it's probably going to be a hit. (Only because most of what RiRi does is.) The real name of the fragrance "Reb'l Fleur" actually stems from the tattoo that RiRi has on her neck that reads "rebelle fleur."
Above is a picture of how the packaging will look. A couple of weeks ago, I was hanging out with one of my beauty editor friends from a major magazine who let me get a whiff of it, and (I'm being completely honest here!) I'm not a fan. Although I like the packaging (it's supposed to be reminiscent of a high heel; think more along the lines of the actual heel) I thought it smelled rather cheap. (My beauty editor friend also thought the same thing..that it smells cheap.)

Hmmm...I'm interested to see what kind of advertising RiRi will have for this scent. Also, I'm thinking that I should add it to my fragrance boudoir just for the packaging...because that's about all I like about this new scent thus far.

What do you think of it, Glamazons? Do you plan on purchasing it once it hits stores in a couple of months?


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