Winter Wonderland: Glamazon Guide to Chic Outerwear

As much as I love traipsing through Brooklyn and Manhattan on the weekends, now I decide whether I'll attend an event based on how long it will take me to get a cab in the area. Why? Because it is ridiculously freezing here in New York City, and apparently, everywhere else too.

The biting wind chill and cruelly cold temperatures are enough to keep the busiest party girl cuddled under the covers with a winter boo watching the Law & Order marathon. And this is before the snow hits with a vengeance as it tends to do in January and February. Sigh.

One thing I pride myself on though is I always try to look fashionable in the cold. I'm obsessed with coats so my winter looks are intentionally styled so I look tres chic while bundled up. Yes, ladies, there is a way you can look hot when the weather is painfully cold.

Here are some of my tricks and picks:

-Most winter gear is dull so a shot of color can really energize your look. A pair of neon gloves, a teal scarf or a green bag will pop against a neutral-hued coat in the most stylish way.

-Just because you have on a heavy, bulky coat doesn't mean you should look like a blob. Coats with a built-in waist (like a belted bubble jacket or corseted peacoat) give you a sexy, feminine shape and keep you just as warm.

-Find the right coat for your body shape. Yes, I'm serious. Coats are like dresses in that it's one piece covering most of your body. You will go a long way by choosing coats that work best for your size/silhouette. The same rules apply. If you're short like me, don't rock one of those long bubble coats that skim your ankles. It will swallow you alive. The flared coat is a feminine staple that works best for most body types.

You need leggssss for the long bubble coat look...

-Embellishments are the spice of life this season. Sequins, studs, ruffles, shearling and fur are adorning winter basics and giving them some much-needed attitude. A little extra something goes a long way in keeping you from looking/feeling drab. A brooch can have the same effect on a plain black coat or knit hat that you already have in your closet.


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