GLAM OR SHAM?: Jennifer Lopez's Gold Lame Jumpsuit in Vegas

When trying on clothes, you can always count on this rule of thumb: if it looks bad on JLo, it's going to look horrible on the rest of us. Take this gold lame jumpsuit, for instance.

Even celebs with amazing gene pools and better doctors should be careful when it comes to jumpsuits (I hope I conveyed in my guide to jumpsuits post). If the proportions are off, you can look like you're in toddler pajamas. JLo goes wrong with pants that are too baggy and a top that is too tight by comparison.

Another reason this jumpsuit doesn't work? The lame gold material and zig-zag pattern. It's flashy, busy and too complicated for a head-to-toe printed look.

She was in Vegas though at the show Sinatra: Dance With Me (for Frank Sinatra's 95th birthday) so maybe the drama was an ode to Vegas' over-the-top glitz?

What do you think of her look? Glam or Sham?



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Just Gizzy said...

I love jlo. But I am not feeling that jump suit although I love the gold dress! Www.beauty rumours.com

Miss G Chic said...

Sham...the fit is terrible.

Anonymous said...

Terrible! She should have had her tailor turn that jump suit into a mini dress...or even a knee length pencil skirt dress.

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