Camilla Belle Has The Most Perfect Set Of Eyebrows That Ever Existed!

Um, can we all just please pause and halt all crazy Monday activities to admire Camilla Belle's perfect eyebrows?!
When I say that this is exactly how I want mine to look, I mean that. They're so thick! I feel like I've been trying to get mine to grow out like this since college to no avail. I mean, I'm glad that I even have eyebrows, but I long for them to look like this. Sigh.
Oh, and since we're on the subject of her brows, we might as well discuss this super cute and chic pimento green frock she rocked on the red carpet Sunday. LOVE!

What do you think of Camilla's eyebrows, Glamazons? Anyone else want theirs to look like this, too? Any tips or tricks you'd like to offer?! Let's exchange beauty notes in the comments section below.


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