Beyonce Without Makeup AND 5 Tips for Bare-Faced Beauty

Have you ever woken up and walked the dog, ran to the mailbox or stepped out on the balcony with no makeup on? We have...and so has Beyonce. The superstar was photographed in Australia sans makeup (really sans makeup not those "light" made-up pictures stars put on the internet claiming to be bare-faced).

While her natural beauty is undeniable, we have a few expert tips to look even more gorgeous before you put a dab of makeup on. Follow these tips and you will welcome a paparazzi makeup-less photo opp with open arms:

1. Never fall asleep with makeup on.

Your skin needs time to breathe and a caked face of makeup overnight does exactly the opposite. It's important to remove makeup before you go to bed, especially around the eyes. If you're too lazy (we're all guilty!), use makeup remover towelettes.

2. Use a face scrub and face masque once a week.  

Oil of Olay has a fab skin-renewing scrub that's gentle enough for daily use. Or Clarisonic Opal Infusion System. June Jacobs Pumpkin Masque is equally amazing.

3. Get sleep!

When you're partying all night long every day of the week, it shows. Indulge in beauty sleep frequently to avoid unsightly bags under your eyes and a host of other fug moments.

4 - Keep your skin moisturized.

Your skin needs moisture on a regular basis, especially in the winter. To get Beyonce's signature glow, try our faves:

5 - Drink lots of water.

When planning your beauty regimen, water should be at the top of the list. 8 glasses a day (yes, 8!) will make you look and feel replenished.

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Clarisonic said...

Thanks for sharing such great tips! Bare-faced beauty is important to us and we are happy you included the Clarisonic Opal!

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