Rihanna to Design for Topshop? [Rumor Mill]

The latest celebrity to call themselves a designer? Rihanna...maybe. The pop princess could be following in Kate Moss' footsteps with a line for Topshop, and I'm happy about it.

From her daring hairstyles to her look-at-me red carpet moments, Rihanna has proven herself worthy of designing, don't you think? And it's a logical next step after launching her fragrance (in stores in Feb 2011) in that adorable upside down heel bottle...

Also, Rihanna's unique blend of trendy and chic is a perfect fit for Topshop's sophisticated, fashion-conscious consumers.

Where is this coming from, you ask? Well, the newly-single star was spotted dining in Barbados with Simon Cowell and Topshop owner, Sir Phillip Green who launched Kate Moss' line. Rih also held a contest with them in the Fall (remember, when she wore that glamazing tulle skirt (above)?).

What do you think about the collaboration? Would you shop from Rihanna's Topshop line? Do you think she'd make a good designer?




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