GLAM OR SHAM?: Rihanna Goes Brunette

Hey Glamazons! Ugh. The winter is officially here in New York and, although I've been trying my hardest to stay bundled up against the snow and fierce winds, I'm still freezing.
In fact, I'm freezing right now! I feel like my old Southern self will never feel warm again. Ever. (OK, that's a serious exaggeration..especially considering the fact that I plan to migrate to some warmer temps over the holiday season tee hee hee.)
I brought up the fact that it's cold to outline the possible theory that maybe, just maybe, that's why Rihanna's been rocking darker hair lately. (By darker, I mean this serious shade of brunette..but wait, wouldn't this only be plausible if she were here in NY?! I think she lives in L.A. But, she's here in NY alot, so my theory could still ring true: cold equates to dark hair).
Whatever the case may be, I have to admit that Rihanna can do no wrong when it comes to her hair color. While others may have been shaking their heads at her fiery shade of red, I actually liked it! I'm a huge advocate that one should have fun with hair, especially when you're that young. (Luckily, her hairstylist Ursula Stephen gets it and manages to create some pretty fierce hairstyles for RiRi.)

So, do you think of Rihanna's dark brown tresses are GLAM or a SHAM? Do you think she looks better with the fiery red?


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