WIN IT!: Cool New Eyeshadows and Blush From Physicians Formula

Happy Friday! And what better way to start off your weekend than with this fab new cosmetic giveaway that I have for you?! That's right, none.

You know, I'm going to be honest with you: when I slaved away at The Magazine many moons ago, I would see products from Physicians Formula and feature them on my beauty pages all the time without ever actually having used it. I know, a serious sham! I have no clue as to why I did this, but I can honestly say that their products are very pretty and look fab on a page.
However, this has absolutely nothing to do with you so I'll shut up now and get to the point.

Physicians Formula has a collection of new eyeshadows out called Shimmer Strips Eye Candy Collection ($10.95 each). Each set of shadows contains about 9 shades that you can use either wet (i.e. instant eyeliner!) or dry to create pretty looks for your eyes! And (as if it couldn't get any better) each of the four sets were created to accent your natural eye color which makes it super easy to shop for at the store: Green Eye Candy; Brown Eye Candy; Hazel Eye Candy; and Blue Eye Candy. (Since I've always wanted hazel eyes, I figured that I should probably use that eye palette first and it's quickly become one of my faves! It's pictured above and below are the other shades.)
Blue Eye Candy
Green Eye Candy
Brown Eye Candy

In addition, the brand has a glam new pearlescent mineral blush powder fittingly called Mineral Glow Pearls Blush. It looks beautiful in the package, but even MORE so when you put it on! Just one swipe across each cheekbone is all you need to create an instant glow. OH and it's also good for you because it contains real mineral pearl extract - an anti-oxidant property that helps protect skin from free radicals while blurring fine lines. (And, I don't know about you, but I need all the protection I can get from the grossness floating around in this city! Yuck.) The Mineral Glow Pearls Blush ($10.95 each) comes in two shades: Rose Pearl and Natural Pearl.
Rose Pearl

All of these products look amazing on all skin tones. I mentioned that I'm totally giving you all of this stuff for FREE, right?! This is well over $60 worth of makeup that you can win. All you have to do is write a comment below telling me what your favorite drugstore makeup brand is and why. That's it! (Brownie points to those who actually say Physicians Formula and give a really good reason as to why...not that I'm saying those who do say this will win, but it will sure help you out!)

Alright, so get to commenting because who doesn't want FREE makeup?!



hellokittydoll said...

my favourite drugstore make up brand is Physicians Formula but as i am from austria, it´s pretty hard to get it :-(
i would be very happy with your generous price
lovely winter greetings from Vienna

Its JoJo said...

My fav drugstore brand was Loreal, I loved the true match Powder,blendable liquid make-up, and concealer. I used it for 3yrs because it was light and didn't look cakey or felt heavy. Earlier this year I noticed the powder would make my face itch and become irritated so for a while I just used moisturizer and bronzer. A friend told me to try Physicians formula blemish healing concealer when I need to hide my breakouts and I love it! It def helps with the red spots! I also stepped out on my bronzer and tried the organic wear bronzer and I loved that too because my skin looks peachy and not pale in the winter. :)

Danah said...

My favorite drug store brands for foundation are Cover Girl and Loreal. Actually Black Opal has a nice concealer as well. HIP and Rimmel definitely have the best shadows. This winter I've taken to wearing light foundation with a plum lip. I just did the big chop and this seems to complement my new look very well. I've heard that Physician's Formula products are very good but never actually had the opportunity to try them so this would be a great way to start my PF collection. :)

Mommyof3 said...

My fav brand IS Physicians Formula BECAUSE they have the Mineral Wear line which is fairly new and totally turned me on to their product line! Its paraben-free and good for the skin!! Its easy to apply and they have a nice bronzing powder that comes in a super cute compact that has a mirror in it AND the brush to apply it. Im in love ans I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to try their eye compacts. I just cant afford it thid time of year and Im due to give birth to my baby girl Natalia on the 20th of December so everything I get right now is for her!! Well Happy Holidays Glamazons!!

Anonymous said...

I am getting in to the Physicians Formula brand due to the fact they have a Organic line. I am working my way to using all organics products as much as possible. Thanks for a great giveaway!

sweetone62406 at hotmail.com

nolifewhatsoev said...

SO my favorite drugstore brand is Flirt! You can only get it at Kohl's (does that count as a drug store? lol) and once I found out about it, I've converted for my everyday looks! My favorite product of theirs is Big Flirt mascara in Violet Vixen. It's a nice subtle color that keeps everyone surprised and offering up the compliments. I'll be talking to someone and they'll stop me mid-sentence like, OMG are your lashes purple?! Love it every time :)

Anonymous said...

What a cool giveaway!
I confess to being so much of a product jumper that I don't really have a favorite brand. I love to try new things as I find them on sale.
I do find myself going for my eye make up from Almay over an over.

lilac_the_bunny at yahoo dot com

Fae V said...

i love new york color cosmetics! they have a wide variety of great colors at affordable prices. thanks for the contest! my email is in my blogger profile.

Danielle said...

I really enjoy Physicians Formula as an overall brand and they are probably tied for my top stop as far as drugstore brands. I have never been disappointed in the products I have purchased that bear the PF name. They are consistent--which is hard to come by for drugstore makeup. Their Shimmer Strips line of products has to be one of my all time fav releases! What a great giveaway.

MS. TLC said...

I prefer Physicians Formula and Jesse's Girl, both for their high-pigmented eyeshadows and blushes. The prices are great too!

Guddu said...

I love Physician Formula, their favorite products are the bronze booster and their plumping lipglosses!! Amazing, gives my lips the biggest pout!!

merrick said...

After trying mostly every drugstore brand and even department store brands, my favorite brand is Physicians Formula. Physicians Formula makeup, especially their Mineral Wear line, leaves my skin looking natural but nicely enhanced. The shimmer strips eye shadows really do bring out my eye color. Every time I wear those shadows, I look in the mirror and think, "Wow! My eyes really do look pretty." The blushes are great as well. They blend beautifully and are not at all streaky. The Mineral Wear powder is the only foundation that looks natural on my skin and does not leave me looking shiny after it sets. I love Physicians Formula!

Sharlene said...

My fave make up brand probably has to be Wet'N'Wild because they make cheap affordable products that are sometimes way better than HG products! I love their eyeshadows, especially, I wish I could buy more! :D Their revamped lipsticks are also awesome. I haven't a lot of experience with PF, but I have their tinted moisturizer and it works really well on my skin. Anyways, Happy Holidays!

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