10 Minutes with...Chrisette Michele

It's rare that you meet a Glamazon who is brilliant, talented and beautiful all in one. Chrisette Michele and Carol's Daughter owner, Lisa Price, are all that and more. I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing them both at an in-store event at the Carol's Daughter event in Harlem. Days like that are why I love this city!

Even though I was beyond exhausted from a whirlwind holiday schedule, I took the train from my job on Wall Street uptown to one of my favorite places: 125th street in Harlem. The legendary street which is always bustling with people of all ages also houses the first Carol's Daughter boutique. On this particular Monday, the block was lined with Chrisette Michele fans eager to meet their favorite soul singer.

They weren't alone. I was just as excited to sit down with Chrisette as she prepared for the release of her latest album, Let Freedom Reign. We had met once before at Fashion Rocks around the time I started this blog and a lot has changed since then.

For one, she ditched the long weave for a gorgeous short natural cut, and her musical content has taken a new direction as well. She tells me all about it in the video below. Check it out!

I was lucky enough to chat with the woman behind those glamazing products Chrisette speaks of: Lisa Price.

A beauty expert and entrepreneur, Price gave me all the secrets behind her upcoming Carol's Daughter products...and dished on why she loves Chrisette Michele and Harlem.

Don't you just adore them both? Shop some Carol's Daughter finds below including Chrisette Michele's faves:

And tell me what you think of Chrisette Michele's new album. Goodbye Game is my sooong!



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