25 Hottest Holiday Shoes on a Budget (Starting at $32!)

A wonderful friend of mine asked me to choose between my Christian Louboutin pumps and men the other day. My response? "Men are replaceable. My Christian Louboutin anemone satin bow pumps, however, are not." Harsh, maybe, but there's something magical and irresistibly sexy about a special pair of shoes. And for the record, I'll totally take the man AND the pumps, so all of the above was a more appropriate answer.

A pair of shoes like my beloved satin bow pumps should only make appearances during special occasions. And what's more spectacular than holiday parties for them to make their debut?

Yes girls, the holiday season is the perfect time to indulge your craving for a pair of delectable shoes. And I've found 25 gorgeous pairs for the Glamazon on a budget (starting at $32)! Shop them below.

And lest you want a shoeicide*, opt for these inserts so you don't mind being on your feet all night long. Oh and you're going to want to pick up these glamazing new Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats! After the club, it's torture making that walk from the venue to the car/cab/train while it feels like someone is stabbing you in the sole of your foot and your toes are numb. Pack these fast flats in your purse to throw on at the end of the night and problem solved. Your feet will thank you!



Shoeicide: immense pain brought on by a beautiful but dangerous pair of shoes a la Fabolous: "Her feet are killing her. I call it shoeicide."

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